Clip ‘n’ Save: Ahem.

Courtesy of the Socialist Meme Caucus. For all those Hillarites claiming their gal is the first female nominee running for US president, a wee bit of history to refute that:


In case you can’t read the text, it says:

From top left: Victoria Woodhull, 1872, Equal Rights Party; Belva Ann Lockwood, 1884 & 1888, National Equal Rights Party; Charlene Mitchell, 1968, CPUSA; Linda Jenness, 1972, SWP; Margaret Wright, 1976, People’s Party; Maureen Smith, 1980, Peace & Freedom Party; Deirdre Griswold, 1980, WWP; Sonia Johnson, 1984, Citizens Party; Gavrielle Holmes, 1984, WWP; Lenora Fulani, 1988 & 1992, New Alliance Party; Willa Kenoyer, 1988, SPUSA; Helen Halyard, 1992,SEP; Gloria La Riva, 1992, 2008 & 2016, WWP & PSL; Monica Moorehead, 1996 & 2000, WWP; Marsha Feinland,1996, Peace & Freedom Party; Mary Cal Hollis, 1996, SPUSA; Cynthia McKinney, 2008, Green Party; Peta Lindsay, 2012, PSL; Jill Stein, 2012 & 2016, Green Party. Frankly, erasing progressive feminists is exactly what Hillary wants.

You’ll note that all these glossed-over female nominees are from progressive parties outside the Republican/Democratic duopoly. Funny thing.

And THAT’s why her not-nomination (by the AP, not the Democratic Party!) last night isn’t a triumph of feminism, but merely a fine example of one more oligarch benefiting from over a hundred years of feminist struggle.

Any questions?

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