Cowardly racist boneheads get beatdown in Sacramento

Snurk. Are these the brave “Sacramento Spartans” that all the racist tweeter-twits have been going on and on and on about? Apparently. According to Antifa International, here’s what REALLY went down:

After loudly declaring a neo-nazi “mega rally” that they claimed would attract 150+ racist scum to the California state capital, the Traditional Workers’ Party and Golden State SkinBoneheads managed to bring out maybe twenty people. Even TWP chairman Matthew Heimbac couldn’t be bothered to show up, possibly because he prefers sucker-punching black women at Trump rallies to not behaving like a total coward.

400+ antifa spent most of the afternoon running the boneheads right the fuck out of town. Unfortunately, six antifa had to receive medical treatment for stab wounds or blunt force trauma after been stabbed by bigots – none of whom were arrested despite attempting to murder people in full view of hundreds of well-armed cops. The po-po were much more concerned with getting the nazis home safe than stopping them from stabbing people. You know what they say: cops & the Klan go hand-in-hand.

The neo-Nazi/Drumpfite twitsy-tweeters are also insisting that the Antifa members were stabbed with their own knives by the oh-so-brave “Spartans” of the white supremacist gang. I find that hard to believe: Six of them, all somehow overpowered by the grossly outnumbered Nazis?

And nowhere on any antifa site that I’ve read so far was there any word of antifa demonstrators with knives, nor do any of the videos I’ve seen show them carrying any. When they attack the fascists, it’s with sticks, stones, and their own sheer numbers and lightning speed. I can only surmise that the Nazis came armed with those knives themselves, anticipating a fight. Because they’re so oppressed as white people, don’tcha know?

I find this all supremely ironic, especially this tweet by their Fearless Leader (who, as noted above, was absent that day):


Such a funny guy, that Matt. Projecting onto BLM what he and his bullyboys are actually up to themselves. You owe me an irony meter, guys, you just wrecked mine.

Well, they got their fight, all right…but if the flag-waving guy above is any indication, they came out looking worse, and not having scored any real victories even in the propaganda department, which I’m sure was the other aim of their pitiful little rally. I don’t see any rush of eager joiners inspired by the “courage” of the “Spartans”, do you?

And the boneheads sure as fuck do not look like the brave “alpha” males they’re posing as. If you have to stab unarmed people you claim are “oppressing” you, Nazi boys, you’re already losers going in. No one is fooled. You’ve just made Antifa look like the real badasses they are. And you’ve proved your own arguments completely bass-ackwards, too. If you have to murder those speaking out against you (which is free speech too, like it or not), you’re the real Nazis. Period.

PS: Antifa is raising funds to cover the medical expenses of the injured protesters. You can donate and follow their live updates here.

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