How to debunk xenophobia, in easy pictorial form

How to counter a Backward Britain poster calling for a “Brexit”? Let some kid with a Sharpie show you how it’s done:


Claim: “Immigration is out of control.”
Response: “Is it? The problems in the Middle East are out of control!”

Claim: “Open borders do not work.”
Response: “I think they do. I quite like a trip to France/Spain/Italy without having to worry about a visa.”

Claim: “The eurozone has failed.”
Response: “Define Failed? If by still operating and growing while being the 3rd — sorry, 2nd!– biggest economy & the ability to help millions of refugees — yeh it’s failed.”

Claim: “The EU is a diminishing trade power in the world.”
Response: “Where did you hear this crap? It’s the 2nd biggest economy (“March 15 — 2016″) in the world.”

Claim: “We are losing more and more of our powers.”
Response: “12% of our laws come from the EU, not the 60% Boris [Johnson, the ex-mayor of London] claimed! These laws protect our farmers and the most vulnerable.”

Claim: “It’s safer to leave now.”
Response: “Yes, if you are a scared & Xenophobic old man. It’s not your future — it’s ours! Youth vote Remain.”

And there you have it. Even Snopes couldn’t have debunked it better.

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