Wankers of the Week: Swimming in a sea of rape culture


Crappy weekend, everyone! If you’re wondering what all that literal crap floating around you is, it’s called rape culture, and we’re all soaking in it. Time to start fishing those gungy smelly lumps out of the water, eh? And this week, they are, in no particular order:

1. Dan Fucking Turner. Oh boo fucking hoo, Rapeyboy Son shouldn’t go to the Big House because it’ll affect his “happy-go-lucky” appetite! What about the victim? Because there’s a lot more that she’s lost already for the sake of Sonny’s “20 minutes of action”. And really: rape is “action”? I think the word you’re looking for there is CRIME! Yeah, we all wonder where Snookums got his rapey tendencies from, and guess what? It’s not from a bottle — it’s from the attitudes instilled by Dear Ol’ Dad! PS: Oh HELL no. Dude, you have money. Don’t pull a Drumpf. PPS: And that goes double for your wife. Lady, your precious kid is a competitive swimmer. He’s also a grown-ass man. He’s easily strong enough to drag an unconscious woman behind a dumpster, rip off her clothes, and hump her for nearly half an hour. Trust me, he’ll survive jail. Which is where he belongs, and not just for 3 measly months, either.

2. Leslie Fucking Rasmussen. And speaking of attitudes that are pure rape culture, get a load of hers. Yes, she’s a friend of Rapeyboy…STILL. Gee, isn’t it nice to know that of all the “happy-go-lucky” things he’s lost, at least he hasn’t lost the support of fucking idiots (some of them female!) who think that sending a white guy to jail for rape is merely “politically correct”? PS: “Good English”? Girl, you need to fucking LEARN SOME before you start to write about…well, anything actually, but rape especially. PPS: Ha, ha. Karma’s a bitch, eh?

3. Aaron Fucking Persky. Sign, sign, sign the petition, people. DOOOO EEEET. PS: This one too, please. PPS: And in case you need any further reasons to sign, how about a woman whose husband almost beat her to death? Or some dirty defence tactics that passed muster with Hizzoner?


4. Scott Fucking Adams. Dude. Please. Stick to cartooning. I beg of you. (Not that you do even THAT especially well, but it’s a damn sight better than you do politics!)

5. Robert Fucking Morrow. Holy fucking shit, this is one helluva space cadet. And his tweeter…Ye Gods. Some of the people he slams on it are people I’ve slammed (repeatedly) here, and now he’s actually got me feeling sorry for them, because he is even a bigger wanker than all of them combined. (Quite literally.) And of course, he’s an Alex Fucking Jones fan, too. Because batshit tends to cluster, don’tcha know?

6. Chuck Fucking Woolery. And speaking of space cadets, apparently it’s a requirement to have been one before hosting Wheel of Fortune. If you thought Pat Fucking Sajak was dissociated, wait’ll you get a load of his predecessor!


7. Frank Fucking Amedia. If this is who’s writing policy for Der Drumpf, be afraid. Be very afraid. And also, very nauseated. Because theocracy, ugh. Also, arghlbloo blah blib.

8. Tom Fucking Bagwell. If you ever wondered why nobody votes for Libertarians, take a look at this guy’s views of teacher-student rape…and wonder no more. When kids as young as 13 are presumed to be “mature enough to handle it”, never mind that “it” is the predatory libido of an adult who is supposed to be in loco parentis…well, you’re just off in another world, aren’t you?

9. Martin Fucking Daniel. Muhammad Ali didn’t “fail to enlist”, he openly conscientiously objected to being sent to kill and die in white men’s imperialistic wars. Here, let him school you in his own words:


Does that look like a “failure” to YOU?

10. Axl Fucking Rose. Oh dear, someone hasn’t yet heard of the Streisand Effect. But he’s juuuuust about to, rest assured!

11. Andrew Fucking Anglin. Oh boo hoo, women aren’t voting for Nazis! Newsflash, idiot: Neither are men. And no, the end result of all this not-voting-Nazi will not be gang-rape. It will be a better civilization than these fucking InterNazis (who are no small gang-rape supporters and fantasists themselves) could ever come up with.

12. Jim Fucking Karygiannis. He broke Toronto city council rules, but no punishment has been forthcoming, even though everyone agrees he’s an asshole who couldn’t behave himself? Very well then, one public shaming coming right down!


13. Bryan Fucking Fischer. I don’t believe in Satan. And I also don’t believe in sexual scare tactics. Fuck off with all that shit.

14. David Fucking Barton. People who criticize your shit don’t hate anyone or anything…except, maybe, rampant revisionist idiocy. Fuck off with that.

15. Michael Fucking Miller. Yes, let’s perpetuate the “poor promising all-American white boy with a ruined future” meme. Never mind that his future wouldn’t be ruined if HE hadn’t fucking ruined it by dragging an unconscious woman behind a dumpster and trying to rape her!

16. Paul Fucking Elam. Or whoever’s responsible for this shitpile on Facebook:


Uh, Paulie? In case you hadn’t noticed, the entire Internet is abuzz with praise for those two brave young Swedes (whose parents, not being deadbeats like yourself, clearly raised them right, and who incidentally come from a land with much better sex-assault laws, too). Shame on you for trying to cover Rapeyboy and Rapeydad’s asses. Priorities, eh?

17. Scottie Nell Fucking Hughes. Oh gawd, HER again. And this time, she’s trying to spin Der Drumpf’s sexism as a desire to protect “unborn women’s rights”. Uh, dumbass? A fetus in utero is not a full-grown adult. A female fetus is not a woman. It doesn’t have rights to protect. You know who DOES have rights to protect? GROWN-ASS ADULT WOMEN. Some of whom WILL choose abortion, possibly because they might even NEED one. (Sorry ‘bout all the pointy italics, but there’s no other way of penetrating her dense head.)

18. Randy Fucking Zelin. And AGAIN with the “political correctness” bullshit. When even FUX Snooze’s professional sexists and newsbimbos aren’t having it, you know you need to find a new schtick.


19. Bill O’Fucking Reilly. Yes, Billo wanked again. And this time, it was over the corpse of Muhammad Ali. There really is nothing he won’t stoop to, is there? PS: And speaking of racism, here’s Billo, claiming that Der Drumpf can’t be a racist because he’s not David Duke. No, of course not. He just has Duke’s endorsement! Big fucking difference!

20. Robert Fucking Bentley. Yes, the governor of Alabama wanked again, too. And this time, it was over all the contaminated water people in that state are being forced to drink…not thanks to his own shoddy policy-making or enforcement, but because of the EPA. Yes, really. He blames them for what is his own damn fault. Whatever happened to Personal Responsibility?

21. Jon Fucking Lopey. While the AP was busy crowning Hillary Clinton queen of the Dems, guess who was interfering with the citizens’ right to vote for Bernie? Yup. THIS guy. Who calls himself a “constitutional sheriff”. Where in the constitution does it say sheriffs get to meddle with voters’ rights? NOWHERE.


22. Stephen Fucking Moore. Man-made climate change is “mere propaganda”? That’s like saying that sentencing a rapist to a proper time in jail is mere “political correctness”. FYI, the consensus on the matter was reached by scientists, not right-wing stink-tankers like you. And they pulled that data from actual observation, not from your anus.

23. Greg Fucking McCurdy. And speaking of things pulled from asses, how about this guy’s “battered Trump supporter” meme? Yeah, smooth move, using an Australian actress showing off her makeup job for a horror film and passing her off as a Yank for Drumpf who was beaten up by imaginary “fascists”. She’s not impressed, BTW.

24. Everett Fucking Corley. Sore loser says what? Tsk, tsk.


25. Laura Fucking Ingraham. Why does this idiotic woman have a show, and who’s the bonehead that gave her one? And really…Hillary Clinton “lacks substance”? Granted, compared to Bernie Sanders as a progressive she does, but to Der Drumpf? Oh, PLEASE. And WTF is this “magic sauce” she’s prattling about, and why does she think Der Drumpf has it? It might be somewhat useful (maybe? I dunno) for crappy fast-food hamburgers, but this is the possible future POTUS we’re talking about here, not McDerpald’s. Come the fuck ON!

26. Donald Fucking Drumpf. I guess the fabled “magic sauce” must consist of an awful lot of unpaid bills, because that’s one thing he’s got for sure. Time to audit this mofo, and pull the plug on his run! PS: And on his idiot spokeswoman, too. No, Bernie supporters will NOT be voting for this moron instead of Clinton. They want the SMART candidate, remember?

27. Louie Fucking Gohmert. Uh, dumbass? Lots of those veterans committing suicide ARE transgender already. And part of the reason they don’t want to live is dumb fuckasses like you, who refuse to acknowledge that they deserve freedom, safety and decent healthcare, regardless of what’s in their pants.


28. Ezra Fucking Levant. It’s a day ending in “day”, and just as he always does on such days, Ezzy the Putz is busy fighting for freedom of speech…by trying to slap censorship on anyone who speaks up against him. If you have a few bucks to spare, folks, please send them Canadian Cynic’s way, he could sure use the help.

29. David Fucking Perdue. A little late in the game, isn’t it, to be “praying” for an end to the Obama presidency? His final mandated term is up this year anyway. This is just petty spite and vengeful stupidity on the part of yet another whited sepulchre of the Religious Reich. You ain’t no king, David. PS: Sign, sign, SIGN!

30. James Fucking Dobson. If you’re really so keen on not selling your daughter into prostitution, dude, you might want to dispense with the marry-‘em-off-young purity culture, and just let other people’s transgender daughters go pee in the ladies’ room where they need to…and where not one trans woman has yet assaulted any other woman or girl.


And finally, to the dick-smacking dickfaced dickheads of Daryush Fucking Valizadeh’s rapist forum. You are not the victims of anything except your own damn delusions. We see you, shitheads. And if I ever see one of you fuckers trying to take advantage of an incapacitated person, you won’t be able to count on my Nice Girl Training™ holding me back any longer. I’m OVER it, motherfuckers. Rape is unpardonable, and I’m past caring if any of you think I’m a bitch. ‘Fact, I’m past caring if you even live or die.

Good night, and get fucked!

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4 Responses to Wankers of the Week: Swimming in a sea of rape culture

  1. Usckitty says:

    I’m beginning to think that the RRA movement is just Stormfront for rapists…might as well call them WRRA considering they think rape is only done by people of color…

    • Sabina Becker says:

      Srsly. These guys are sexist, racist and rapey Nazis, quite literally. If there are any decent chaps among them, they must be there by accident.

  2. Usckitty says:

    That quote…from the link you posted on fb…

    “Rape” victims are few and far between, and real rapes, violent drag into the bushes rapes, are vanishingly rare on college campuses, and not committed by young white male college students.

    Just clinched it for me…if a black guy had been accused of what brock Turner did, I doubt they’d rush to his defense…I’ve talked with right wing trolls on MM and they’re always downplaying rape on our campuses…but when the other is accused of rape, they become true believers…they seem to believe that what white men like Turner do is never rape and it’s all a feminist plot to being the poor downtrodden white male down…

    In fact one of our trolls described the trial as

    Was this another in a long list of fake rape allegations like mattress girl, Duke lacross, Georgia, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. ?- I’ve lost track.

    Or is this just another chance for Progressives to attack privileged “white males”. This stuff has become so predictable.

    I hope you don’t mind me polluting your blog with what the right wing is saying…

    • Sabina Becker says:

      No, no problem. I think it’s time to call out the trolls on this one…for their racism, their sexism, the whole bigoted approach they take. Of course they want the definition of rape to be narrow…many of these guys are douchebags just like Brock Turner, only they haven’t been caught. YET. And of course they want to pretend they’re really the “good” guys, meaning they HAVE to paint all non-white people as the evil, dangerous ones. That’s what gives them cover!

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