Another paramilitary band busted in Venezuela


Thamara Belén Caleño Candelo, 25, and Joshua Anthony Holt, 24, alias “El Gringo”, apparently on their wedding day. Looks like their honeymoon is gonna be short and nasty now, because these two were swept up as part of an anti-paramilitary operation in Venezuela:

The Venezuelan government, by way of Operation Liberation of the People, dismantled a paramilitary band that hid assault weapons and explosives in the urban complex of Ciudad Caribia, located along the Caracas-La Guaira highway, according to the Popular Power minister for Interior Relations Justice and Peace, Gustavo González López.

The minister announced that during the operation, Joshua Anthony Holt, alias “El Gringo”, of US nationality, was captured. Holt had concealed high-calibre weapons, explosives, and strategic maps of Caracas in a high-rise building in Ciudad Caribia. González López revealed that the arrestee had revealed evidence of his adoration of weapons on social media, “proper to the culture imposed upon a large number of US citizens”.

González López announced that an Ecuadorian-Venezuelan, Thamara Belén Caleño Candelo, had also been apprehended. Along with Joshua Anthony Holt, she operated in a paramilitary band called “Los Sindicalistas”, which was broken up on June 30 in Ciudad Caribia, where six of its members were killed. They were identified as Argenis López Quijada, Rodolfo José Manrique, Joél Pérez, Jordan Pérez Castillo, Ricardo Fabian Cruz, and Johan Pérez, the last one recognized as the leader of the criminal gang.

“The foreign couple were living in this city, in a building which, according to social intelligence information, was the niche of the paramilitary crime gang. It was used as a storage centre for assault weapons and explosives. By coincidence, it’s the same strategy used by subjects of other nationalities who infiltrated the buildings of the Gran Misión Vivienda Venezuela, where they planned and executed attacks against the lives of revolutionary leaders,” said González López.

The minister stated that members of this paramilitary gang were responsible for the assassination of the PSUV militant Omar Molina Marín. According to intelligence sources cited by the minister, the building was impenetrable to the authorities.

The minister declared that Thamara Belén Caleño Candelo and Joshua Anthony Holt, alias “El Gringo”, were married in the parish of Leoncio Martínez, in the Sucre municipality of the state of Miranda. This area is under the jurisdiction of the far-right mayor Carlos Oscaríz, of the Primero Justicia party, who constantly travels out of country. González López underscored that from August 2015 to May 2016, Thamara Belén Caleño Candelo traveled to Ecuador, Colombia and the Dominican Republic on numerous occasions.

“At this last destination, she met Holt, who financed her travels, and who also travelled constantly as a missionary to various destinations in Latin America,” said González López. Five days after the last trip, to the Dominican Republic, and after “a strange Internet relationship”, the two criminals were married.

Translation mine.

Some “missionary” this Holt guy turns out to be. According to, he and his spouse were found in possession of “an AK-47, an M4 type facsimile, cash (bolivars and dollars), photographic cameras, portable computers, and airline tickets”. Photos of the weapons and other items can be seen here. Pretty sure a real, innocent missionary would have no use for assault weapons, eh? Much less equipment used in espionage and paramilitary assassinations. And I seriously doubt an innocent missionary would be hanging out with the same band that killed Omar Molina.

Funny, too, how “missionaries” of this sort keep cropping up in Venezuela: Foreign, paid in US dollars (and lots of them), and with a penchant for killing prominent, popular PSUV members like Omar Molina…and Robert Serra, who was murdered by a band of thugs led by a bastard known to his colleagues as “El Colombia”.

And funniest of all, how little of this news makes it up this far north. Because guess who it makes look terrible? Oh, only the same country that keeps finding new and innovative ways to finance these oh-so-peaceful and democratic anti-Chavistas.

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