Brazil: Pious MP busted for pedophilia, caught red-handed

A military policeman tries to bribe one of his civil counterparts after the latter caught him red-handed with a naked child in his car in a parking lot. Story, via El País:

On Saturday, military police reserve colonel Pedro Chavarry Duarte, 62, was in a car in a luncheonette parking lot in the Ramos neighborhood in the northern zone of Rio de Janeiro, when he heard police sirens approaching. He tried to flee, but there was a naked two-year-old girl in the car [with him], confirming the anonymous denunciation which the agents had received. The colonel, who was president of the Rio Military Police Benevolent Fund, tried to pay off the police, but he wound up in jail under suspicion of having committed rape of a vulnerable person — a crime punishable by up to 15 years in prison — and active corruption, with a penalty of up to 12 years.

It wasn’t the first time that Chavarry, a man who declared himself “profoundly religious”, was implicated in a case involving children. In 1993, according to O Globo, Chavarry was jailed on suspicion of baby-trafficking, but he was not sentenced.

“On Monday, I’ll resolve everything. We’ll wrap up this case, understand? I’ll resolve everything. On Monday the sun will shine. It’s windy today,” said Chavarry to one of the approaching police officers. This one, as he was recording the scene on his cellphone, replied that he didn’t understand, and the colonel continued: “Monday, I’ll resolve everything. I want to know your rate. You’ve come to procure me, and I’m going to procure you. You’re my partner. Right? You want to wrap this case up, right? Within the norms.”

The investigation points out that various witnesses declared that Chavarry was in the habit of going around accompanied by children. During the approach, one woman told the police that he was with that two-year-old girl and another, aged 12. Another woman stated that he paid to go out with them. Another witness, who worked near the luncheonette where he was arrested, said that she had seen the colonel accompanied by girls on other occasions.

According to the newspaper O Dia, it was a worker at the luncheonette who became alarmed when she brought a meal out to the accused in his car and saw the naked girl. “She returned to the cash register frightened, and talked with some people. She said the girl was naked, had her legs apart, and that it wasn’t the first time she had seen this man here. On another day, it was a boy,” another worker told the newspaper.

The girl was given to the colonel by Thuanne Pimenta dos Santos, 23 years old, who is currently under temporary imprisonment. Her brother is married to an unt of the child. The young woman, who worked as the colonel’s cleaning lady, did not clearly say what she was doing with the girl, whose mother was at work, nor why she handed her over to the military officer. “She made many contradictory statements during her deposition,” explains the delegate responsible for the case, Cristiana Bento. Thuanne also worked for Chavarry distributing pamphlets when he campaigned, unsuccessfully, for a deputy’s seat with the Social Liberal Party (PSL) in 2014.

The Civil Police are now investigating whether there are more persons involved with the colonel as part of a much larger child-trafficking scheme. “Think of how many boys and girls disappear every year. We have to get to the bottom of this. Who knows whether the case isn’t related to some of these disappearances,” says Bento.

Chavarry, trained in law and with more than four decades in the corps, was president of the Military Police Benevolent Fund, which presides over a network of retirement benefits for associates, for six years. His résumé includes tickets to the cabinets of four commanders-in-chief, offices such as public relations for the Military Police or member of the board of directors for the Brotherhood of Our Lady of Sorrows of the Military Police. In institutional publications the figure of their president was exalted as a manager and man of strategy, as well as a man of religion and family. In a profile published by the magazine of the Benevolent Fund shortly after he assumed the presidency, Chavarry said that he owed all his success to God and to his workmates, and regretted not spending more time with his wife and their daughter: “After a career of 37 years, in which there was no Carnival, Christmas and New Year’s, I assumed an enterprise of this magnitude. I should have retired and had more fun with my family. Sadly, they are still in second place.”

Asked what he likes to do during his off hours, he replied determinedly: “In my free time, I am dedicated to the Roman Catholic Church, where I actively participate in religious activities. On other occasions, I like to take a few days to travel with my family and regain my strength.” On Sunday, Chavarry didn’t participate in the church services when he says he frequents. He is jailed in the Special Prison Batallion of the Military Police in Niterói.

Translation mine.

Well, now at least his family knows what he was really doing that left them in “second place”, eh? And, on the other hand, he’s in an awful lot of fine company when it comes to the church, which has a reputation throughout the world of being a massive closet of pedophiles, if not an active child trafficking network for the same.

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