Gang of foreigners sexually assaults German woman at Oktoberfest


A few representative pictures of what goes on at Oktoberfest besides eating, drinking and being merry. The hill in these shots is locally known as “Der Kotzhügel” — literally, “Barf Hill”. You can guess why.

I knew it, I knew it, I knew it. I just KNEW this would happen in München sooner or later:

Around 11:30 pm, a 24-year-old Oktoberfest guest lost sight of her husband in the crowd, and searched for him on the fairgrounds.

In the Martin-Greif-Straße she sat down on the curb between two parked cars, and tried to phone her husband from there. According to her statement, at that moment, four strange men came toward her, surrounded her, and spoke to her in English.

One of the perpetrators opened the belt on her jeans, pulled them down, and tried to touch her genitals.

The 24-year-old defended herself by kicking and was able to flee in the direction of the bathhouse. There, the police noticed her. The young woman was unhurt.

Description of the perpetrators:

Male, 25 years old, 182 cm tall, slim build, English, dressed in German folkloric style: long-sleeved shirt with white and dark-red check pattern, light-brown knee-length shorts, and knee socks;

Male, 25, 176 cm, slim build, English; wearing dark blue Levis, black Nike running shoes, and a white V-neck T-shirt;

Male, 25, 165 cm, heavy build, English; wearing blue jeans, white Converse Chucks, and a black T-shirt with a round neckline;

Male, 25, 177 cm, slim build, English; wearing light-blue jeans, black running shoes, black T-shirt.

Translation mine.

Notice that the descriptions of the men all give their ethnicity simply as “English”. I am hereby forced to conclude that these were no brown-skinned Muslim refugees from Syria, Iraq, or Africa, but white guys from across the Channel, looking to go wilding on foreign soil in Germany, which has the reputation of being Europe’s brothel, thanks to its lax and ridiculous prostitution laws. Probably the sort of guys who, in their normal everyday lives, like to talk about “defending England from THOSE people”, and who probably voted for the Brexit, too.

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