No use trying to “Lean In” — the pay gap is real


Welp, looks like one more sexist canard just bit the dust. When even the Torygraph is reporting this, you KNOW the gender gap in pay is real…and it’s the product of rampant sexism:

The research, from the University of Wisconsin in the US and the University of Warwick and Cass Business School in the UK, looked at 4,600 Australian employees and found there was “no difference” between the genders when it came to asking bosses for more money.

“We didn’t know how the numbers would come out. Having seen these findings, I think we have to accept that there is some element of pure discrimination against women,” study co-author Andrew Oswald, a professor of economics and behavioural science at the University of Warwick, told the Guardian.

He explained that researchers chose to look at data from Australia because it’s the only place in the world that currently collects such data.

The gender pay gap in Australia is about 17 per cent, slightly lower than the 19 per cent gap in the UK.

This study suggests that the pay gap does not exist because women are not as ambitious or as confident as men in asking for more money – but due to some form of discrimination.

So, there you have it. The pay gap is real, and exists even in places like Australia, where it’s not so bad as elsewhere (and where the government is actually bothering to collect that data)!

As for “some form of discrimination”, let’s spell it out for the Torygraph, whose editors can’t seem to handle such words without donning a hazmat suit: S-E-X-I-S-M. (You’re welcome!)

Now, everyone can stop accusing women of lacking assertiveness, and we can all trash any copies of “Lean In” we had kicking around. Time to organize and fight, not negotiate singly and in vain!

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