Venezuela: Another major coup attempt thwarted

Madurito addressing a huge rally in Caracas. He’s comparing the latest putsch attempt to April 11 (2002), the infamous date when the opposition managed to kidnap his good friend and predecessor, Chavecito. And that’s not all he’s doing:

Venezuelan president Nicolás Maduro said on Thursday that the government has thwarted an attempted coup d’état.

“We have defeated a major putschist attempt,” the head of state emphasized. He said that he gave instructions to the minister of the Interior, Néstor Reverol, and to communications minister Luis José Marcano, to show the proofs “of how we averted the coup and the violent fascist ambush”.

“[Opposition AD party leader Henry] Ramos Allup knew of all these plans, so I denounce him,” said Maduro during a rally on Bolívar Avenue.

Maduro affirmed that a State of Exception decree has been prepared in order to lift parliamentary immunity for all public servants.

He pronounced Ramos Allup “incapable” because, according to his judgment, he did not know how to direct the National Assembly. Maduro said that he had called for dialogue on repeated occasions, but “Ramos Allup’s gang” did not want to participate.

Maduro then addressed the National Assemby president: “Don’t test the Constitution any longer, Ramos Allup. I know quite well what everyone is saying, but this decadent Adeco will not be allowed to fill Venezuela with violence”.

Maduro said that in the opposition gathering in Chacao “there are 5,000 persons, and in the other spot, Rio de Janeiro, there are 250 persons.” He estimated that between 25,000 and 30,000 persons were attending the “Taking of Caracas” [PSUV rally].

“They’ve failed yet again, the victory is ours. I declare that the victory is of the people, peace, and the revolution,” Maduro said.

Translation mine.

So we can see that bullyboy Henry Ramos Allup has learned nothing from his defeats of the past. As Madurito says: Every 11th has its 13th…meaning, for every attempt at a putsch, there will be a huge pushback against it. Venezuela may be under siege from the right-wing, but nobody is about to let the gears of democracy be forced into reverse. Nicolás Maduro, not Henry Ramos Allup, is still president. And if the latter doesn’t shape up and learn to conduct himself like an elected assembly member and president of the assembly, he’ll be shipped out.


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