638 failed murder attempts in Cuba

The full length documentary of the 638 (!!!) failed attempts on Fidel Castro’s life. What does it tell us?

Well, besides that Fidel was incredibly clever (that’s a given) and at times just plain lucky (surprise!), it tells us a lot about the spooks, mobsters and gusanos who went up against him; the same who are celebrating in Miami tonight as though they’d actually won a war (they haven’t). In fact, it tells us more in the end about these sore losers than about him.

A bunch of people who go around all the time with assassination on the brain can’t possibly be healthy, and these clowns sure aren’t. They are all raving disociados. Even his former so-called best friend, the first would-be killer of Fidel Castro, can’t keep his facts straight: He claims Fidel had no family and no friends, that he was no communist, and that he was nothing but a “Fidelista” bent on absolute power for himself and no one else. All blatantly untrue. He was surrounded by family and friends. His own brother, Raúl, now president — what’s he, chopped liver? What are all those leftist heads of state in Latin America? How about all those Africans Cuba helped to free themselves from colonial white supremacists? What was Nelson Mandela? And what kind of power-obsessed non-communist not only states before the world that he’s a Marxist, but actually resigns from office when illness makes it too hard for him to govern any longer?

But of course, these questions are too inconvenient to the gusanos. Stopping to think things over, and realizing that one has based one’s suppositions on vague suspicions and outright bullshit, would only muddy up their plans to kill, kill, kill Fidel. Couldn’t have THAT, could we? Noooo. Better to spend all one’s waking hours dreaming up cockamamie ways to try to do it. Hundreds of them. None of them effective. Each one more idiotic than the last.

Sheer genius!

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