“Alt-right” wusses are afraid of black men!

Oh, this is just pathetic:

Yes, that’s right…they’re resorting to anonymous postering because they’re afraid they can’t get chicks any other way. These are the racists and right-turds “emboldened” by Drumpf’s victory: too afraid to show their pimply faces where everyone can point and laugh at them.


And what a dorky strategy, too: telling white women that if they sleep with black men, their kids won’t be very bright? Oh, you mean like…BARACK OBAMA? Son of a black man and a white woman? That kind of “not too bright”? So dumb, in fact, that he not only got a law degree from a prestigious university, but ran with it all the way to the White House? And stayed there for eight years, somehow managing to flummox all the teabags along the way?

Yeah. That’s a real deterrent.

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