Justice for Jo Cox, but the media are still spineless

So, the piece of Brexit-shit who murdered a pro-Remain British MP is finally behind bars for life. He won’t be getting out ever. He is officially recognized as an incorrigible menace to society. That’s the good news here.

The bad is that the media are still too cowardly to name the real problem. Ever since the assassination, the terrorist was called merely a “timid gardener” and a “loner” who was “mentally ill” and must have “snapped”. Even now, they’re still hesitant to call a spade a goddamn shovel. Still downplaying the fact that he is a RACIST, an ISLAMOPHOBE, a FASCIST*. One who first stabbed, and then gunned down Jo Cox, not in a moment of blind psychosis, but in a planned, deliberate, FASCIST attack. One that absolutely was not the act of a “lone wolf”, either, but had accomplices. And connections to FASCISTS in other parts of the world.

This begs an awful lot of questions. Here are mine:

Why is it so hard for the media to say, up front, that FASCISM, not mental illness, is the problem here? Why is it so hard for them to admit that FASCISM is a problem that pervades the western hemisphere, and that it has been one, despite wars ostensibly aimed at ending it, for about a hundred years now? And that it has its roots in another odious -ism, one which has been a problem in the west for about four centuries…namely, RACISM? Why can’t they draw the obvious connections between the two?

How could anyone fail to make the connection between the FASCIST crime and the FASCIST slogans the FASCIST yelled as he was committing it?

Why is mental illness constantly being trotted out as an excuse every time a FASCIST commits a FASCIST crime? And conversely: Why are non-white criminals never seen as mentally ill, but only ever as thugs? Why are brown and black faces always presented in the worst light, while white ones (including Latin-American and Jewish, albeit under constant protest from FASCISTS) tend to get the best?

Why can’t the media admit that if anyone is a natural-born cold-blooded thuggish murderer simply by virtue of race, it is WHITE MEN? And why are they forever giving these WHITE THUGS a free pass by always looking first to “mental illness” as a root cause of their violent crimes, instead of RACISM and FASCISM?

Are the media themselves just inherently RACIST and FASCIST? Even the so-called “liberal” media? Or are they capitulating to a larger trend toward RACISM and FASCISM from the overtly RACIST and FASCIST “conservative” media, who have been ramping up the ugly rhetoric unimpeded ever since the Fairness Doctrine was shredded and pulped for toilet paper? Does it even matter anymore? Would bringing the doctrine back change anything now that the shit has grown legs and crawled out of the sewer?

Will the media ever start taking a good hard look at themselves, and how they have permitted this sickness to flourish? Will they ever hold themselves accountable? Have they taken a good look at their headlines lately and felt ashamed at the RACIST and FASCIST frenzies they have whipped up by covering immigrants, refugees, and wars the way they have?

More to the point: What are they planning to DO about their coverage? Anything? Anything at all? Will they finally admit their own complicity in RACISM and FASCISM, or will they just go on perpetuating it, business as usual…maybe even ramping it up a bit to compete with the Breitbarts of the FASCIST scum-blogosphere? Will advertisers finally twig to what they’ve been funding and pull out of any media who are complicit in FASCISM? Or will the temptation of all those hungry FASCIST eyeballs prove too great for anyone to resist?

These are by no means all of my questions, but they are the ones that come to mind at present. There will be others. Watch for them, because you won’t see them asked in many places besides this one.

*I capitalized these words for a reason. You can figure it out.

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