Sunny wuss.


Sir Wilfrid is not amused.

So, Justin Trudeau isn’t even attending the funeral of a rather important man who served as a pallbearer at his ol’ man’s funeral (and sat next to Jimmy Carter, to boot). This after actually saying a few nice things about Fidel.

Guess the right-wing hate got to him.

He also promised us “Real Change” during the election. Then he turned around and pulled a Harpo, okaying pipelines all over the fucking place.

What would his father say?

Actually, I know exactly what Trudeau père would have said, because it drew gasps the first time. And then more gasps when it became apparent that “Just watch me” meant just that. It became something of a motto for his entire political career. Pierre Trudeau didn’t give a rat’s ass what anyone thought of his friendship with Fidel, OR what the Alberta oilmen thought of the NEP. And that’s what made him an actual leader.

Meanwhile, Sonnyboy is still prattling on about Sunny Ways. A phrase he cribbed from another famously bold Liberal leader he didn’t choose to emulate in any meaningful way. One who even looked a bit like his old man.

I guess there really is only one thing we can call Justin for all this, and I kind of hope it sticks.

I call him Sunny Wuss.

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