The Drumpfenproletariat strikes again…


Well, looky here. The Mencken Prophecy has fulfilled itself yet again. Last time it was Dubya and his “Get a Brain Morans”. This time, it’s Der Drumpf…and his little Drumpflings from the Drumpfenproletariat, harassing a completely innocent playhouse in Canada:

Hamilton Theatre Inc. received dozens of angry tweets over the weekend, but not because they’d done something wrong.

Many angry Americans had mistaken the Ontario theatre company’s Twitter handle — @HamiltonTheatre — for that of Hamilton, the hit Broadway musical (@HamiltonMusical), the cast and crew of which had criticized Donald Trump’s running mate Mike Pence Friday night.

Riane Leonard, a member of the Canadian company’s production team and manager of its Twitter account, first noticed the online activity on Friday night and thought it was just audience members talking about enjoying The Toxic Avenger, the show now being staged by the Steeltown troupe. She said Sunday that once she read the tweets — one said the company “should be held accountable for their human rights violations” — she thought, “What could we possibly have done to deserve this?”

Leonard managed to piece together what had happened by looking at what was trending on social media.

Yup, that’s right, kiddies…the idiots who voted for that moron (and his paper-thin orange skin) have now taken it upon themselves to defend his outraged, yet nonexistent honor by going after a theatre company that is not even presenting Hamilton, the rap musical. And all because the cast of the Broadway play did this:

From the New York stage, after Friday’s performance, actor Brandon Victor Dixon (who plays Aaron Burr, America’s third vice-president) told Pence — the U.S. vice-president-elect — that he and the cast and crew of the Broadway show fret that Trump and his future administration will not protect “us, our planet, our children, our parents, or defend us and uphold our inalienable rights.” He urged Pence to uphold American values and work on behalf of all people.

The real kicker? Pence, who has the hide of a Galapagos tortoise thanks to his time as the much-reviled governor of Indiana, wasn’t even offended by this well-timed appeal to whatever conscience he may still possess. At least, not as much as his saffron-dyed boss.

And the other real kicker? Hamilton is sold out for the next two years. And a lot could happen in that time, as one tweeter points out:


Now there’s something to look forward to! Let’s hope that Hamilton Theatre Inc. also prospers in the interval.

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