“Deploraball” turns into DeploraBRAWL

Is there anything funnier than a bunch of ugly “alt-right” hatemongers turning on each other? Cenk doesn’t seem to think so. And I don’t think so, either. You can read all about the DeploraBRAWL at the Little Hitler Pageant here.

Assuming this “ball” ever gets off the ground, though, these guys are going to have trouble finding dates to schlep along. Seems women really don’t like guys who view them as chattel, much less as breeding stock. Being a pasty whiner with an inferiority complex and dorky pseudo-scientific ideas about race and gender isn’t attractive. Go figure!

PS: And in other fun deplorabawlings, they’re now threatening to “revolt” if Daddy Drumpf doesn’t give their swastika-tattooed asses a seat at the table. As though their unwashed faces weren’t revolting enough already. Hey, Nazi-boys: FUCK YOUR FEELINGS.

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