Mainstream western media roll over for bloodthirsty foreign dictator

Note that this is NOT the Onion. And neither is it Russia Today, reporting on Bashar al-Assad. This is the CBC, reporting on the so-called president of the Philippines:

Yes, that’s Rodrigo Fucking Duterte, cheerfully admitting that he’s a bloodthirsty butcher who actually went around looking for confrontations just so he had an excuse to kill someone. And who instructed police to do the same.

Now for the truly surreal bit: Did you catch that bit of commentary at the end, between CBC anchor Ian Hanomansing (at right) and the reporter? They’re actually asking “how seriously we should take” what he says.

Are these guys shittin’ me?

By the CBC’s own reporting, there are over 2,000 Filipinos dead since this fascist bastard took office. And they’re debating “how seriously” we should take his claim to personally butchering people just for the hell of it, just to show his bullyboys how it’s done? I guess neither of these guys ever learned the old saying: When someone tells you who they really are, believe them.

And no, I don’t believe that PR person from the Philippine justice department, running out to cover the boss’s ass. I believe Duterte when he says he’s a butcher. I may not believe another word out of that ugly mouth of his, but that he’s a cold-blooded killer who personally thrives on murder and mayhem, I do believe. An ever-growing pile of corpses doesn’t lie.

But if the CBC is to be believed, ah-ha-ha, oh that Roddy, what a kidder. He’s just exaggerating his penis size!

Well, at least the Young Turks (who are NOT a mainstream media outlet) got it right:

…aside from a few too-nice things to say about the IMF (dirty MF) and World Bank, that is. But that’s grist for another entry.

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