Undocumented Colombian Drumpf supporter gets deported?


An interesting rumor has been making the rounds of the Spanish-speaking Internets of late. No word yet on whether it’s true, but this sure would be ironic if confirmed…¿no?

We all know that Donald Trump made fairly strong statements against Latin-American and immigrant people in the United States. Strangely and lamentably, in spite of his offensive, racist declarations, some Hispanic women supported the Republican candidate, but one woman working illegally in the United States went viral for supporting Trump even though he made very clear his intentions with respect to immigrants.

This woman rapidly became one of the most reviled in the Latin community, called a traitor, since most thought she would benefit for demonstrating her support for Trump upon shouting to thousands of people, “I am Latina and I’m going to vote for Donald Trump!”

However, various media have recently published an item over what happened to the woman, named Myriam, who has been deported for not having legal immigrant status. At the moment, this information has not been confirmed officially, despite its wide spread, for which reason it should be taken with a grain of salt.

It all seems to indicate that coming out publicly in the Trump campaign did nothing more than subject her to judgment, since going before the cameras and making known that she was an illegal Latin immigrant who supported the candidate caused the FBI to begin an investigation of her, in which it was determined that this woman was in the country illegally.

When the authorities interviewed Myriam about her status, they discovered that the documentation she showed them, her “green card” and social-security number, were all fake.

She never imagined that in exposing herself thus, supporting Donald Trump, would cost her so much; the state quickly discovered that she was undocumented, and she was returned to Colombia.

According to the media, Myriam said that she would ask Trump for help once he became president. Although nothing has happened yet, the most certain thing is that Myriam will not receive any kind of help from the president-elect.

Translation mine.

So, I googled for a Colombian named Myriam who supported Drumpf, and found out that the woman’s full name is Myriam Witcher. And that there’s been a bit of controversy swirling around her. Some claim she is actually Venezuelan, not Colombian. Some call her a “plant”. And right-wingers from all over Freeperville who normally line up to spit on Latin-Americans went out of their way to kiss her ass because she went out of her own way to kiss theirs, metaphorically speaking. Her tweeter account, dating back only to September 2015, is here, if you’re interested. (Spoiler: It’s predictably and nauseously full of Drumpf-ass-kissing and self-congratulation.) Also, she’s a “birther” who hates Ricky Martin, and that she claims to have seen Drumpf in her dreams. Some are even calling her a “superfan”.

But one thing I’ve seen no one calling her yet is “illegal”, that awful adjective that really shouldn’t be used as a noun. Only Spanish-language sites are reporting the rumor of her deportation. There are no news reports in English or official bulletins to indicate that she’s been kicked out of the country. Her tweeter itself is mum on the subject. And until confirmation comes out that she has indeed been deported for lack of proper puppy papers, I don’t think it will be wise to call her “illegal”, even though I think she deserves all the ridicule she would (and probably will) get. Certainly her cruelty and hypocrisy towards other Latin-American immigrants deserves some form of karma.

Most likely she’ll get it from the same place all the whitey-white Drumpf supporters will get it: in the form of deepening poverty, middle-class tax hikes, loss of medicare benefits and overtime pay, and all the other manifestations of “socialism” that they all claim to hate so very, very much because they benefit the “undeserving” poor…until those benefits also get yoinked away from them.

And if nothing else, she certainly deserves to be shunned by other Latin-Americans, whose lives she has helped to make utterly, abjectly miserable.

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