Music for a Sunday: Line up, there’s a head count

You’ll say yeah to anything if you believe all this…

President Gas is President Gas again. And that ain’t all he is:

Dressed in pounds and dollars and yen…President Kill wants killing again!

You think I’m kidding? Oh hell no. He just made plans for the NEXT war against Iraq:

But things would only get weirder when Trump turned his attention to Iraq. While stating that he was “no fan” of the invasion, he swung wildly into a statement about the importance of stealing Iraq’s oil should the United States ever invade the country again. The idea was so preposterous that many in the crowd audibly laughed – assuming it was a joke.

Trump apparently wasn’t kidding. He went on to suggest that maybe the CIA and the U.S. military would have another chance at getting Iraq’s oil – a chilling promise that caused the room to go dead silent.

You can see the video at the link. If you feel like stomaching it. Be sure to take your ulcer pills first. He is, indeed, planning for Gulf War III. It’s only a matter of when it will be formally declared. Or whenever the first drone strike falls, or worse. With his itchy orange trigger fingers, it could be any time at all.

So much for the “well at least he’s not an imperialist” excuse. He’s a US capitalist. He prides himself on his greed and ruthlessness. Of COURSE he’s an imperialist. And of COURSE he’s a warmonger and a thief. It goes with the territory. Along with killing, killing and more killing. The day that country actually gets a peace-loving president, I’m going to wonder if someone invented a time machine and brought back the age of Jimmy Carter, because that’s the last and only time THAT ever happened.

Fuck you, President Gas.

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