The PeeOTUS.

So, last night, THIS happened. The whole world found out that Der Drumpf…is really, REALLY into pee-pee:

Nice choice of highlighter colors there, eh?

Yeah, I’ve got a million juvenile jokes on the brain today, just like everyone else who’s heard that news. And the butt of them all is now one BIG, snurky piss joke. From now on, Drumpf is going to be known as the world’s biggest bed-wetter, even if he didn’t pee that bed himself (and why didn’t he? It would have been cheaper…)

But seriously, folks. This isn’t about sexual perversions. (Although I’m sure Drumpf has some ugly ones, the worst one STILL being those 13-year-old girls he paid Jeffrey Epstein for the privilege of raping). And no, Drumpf is not a pee-drinker (a harmless enough fetish, albeit a dumb one). This is not about “kink-shaming” or so-called sex-workers’ rights, so cool your jets.

In fact, it’s not about sex at all.

It’s about how one man has so little impulse control that he couldn’t even resist the urge to “defile” a bed he knew the real POTUS had slept on…four years previously. One who was so consumed with racism, petty hatred and vindictiveness that he actually went to the trouble of seeking out several prostitutes to stand on that bed and pee while he watched. FOUR YEARS AFTER THE REAL POTUS SLEPT IN IT. Little wonder he couldn’t even look the man in the eye when shaking his hand. Remember this?

Yeah. That photo. It now says even MORE about him than we knew.

And really, what a stupid stunt to put himself in a compromising position, too. Because in the end, the Obamas weren’t even remotely touched by it. They never came back to sleep in that “defiled” bed. (Which I hope Drumpf paid the Moscow Ritz-Carlton decently to replace, assuming he had anything left after stiffing all his contractors and gold-plating his tacky-ass penthouse.) No, he only person who ended up suffering from it (other than whoever had to remove that soiled and stinking mattress) was Drumpf himself. He is now, far from being the mightiest man in the world, a global laughingstock. And he has no one but himself to blame.

No one but himself to blame for all those Trump — oh sorry, SCION — International Hotels that will now no longer get built in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Sochi, or wherever, to compete with (and, he no doubt hoped, outcompete the Ritz-Carlton chain, whose bed he “defiled”.)

No one but himself to blame for his own disgrace, before he’s even inaugurated.

No one but himself to blame for the inevitable falling-out with Melania (run, girl, RUN! And take Barron with you!)

No one but himself to blame for the impeachment that is now no longer a question of if, but when.

And no one but himself to blame for how his “friends” in Russia played him like the cheap-ass fiddle that he is. They didn’t even need to buy the rope to hang him with; he paid for it all himself. And they never had to blackmail him, in the end, for whatever nefarious purpose; they still got a good laugh at his expense.

Now the whole world knows what Russia has known since at least 2013: that Der Drumpf is, psychologically speaking, stuck at 10 years of age. Little wonder he talks just like his youngest son; he never progressed mentally beyond that age himself. It all explains so much, from the pussy-groping to the business ineptitude. He’s an overgrown juvenile with money, power and privilege.

And that bodes ill, should he ever get his hands on the nuclear launch codes. More than ever, it is imperative that he doesn’t, because that wouldn’t be in anyone’s interest, not even Russia’s. One blackmail threat from the Kremlin, and it would be “Oh yeah? Well, I’ll show YOU” — KABOOOOOM! And then the retaliatory strikes from Russia, and no more world to build his shitty hotels in anywhere.

Fortunately, I don’t see it coming to that. The Kremlin no longer has its best piece of kompromat, if indeed that is what this is. For, really, what better thing to blackmail him with than his dirtiest little secret? And now that that’s out, that’s OUT. Phew!

On the not-so-bright side, however, there’s still all that other right-wing trash he dragged in with him. Mike Pence, Betsy DeVos, and the whole filthy gang…whom that other filthy gang, the congressional Repugs, have been only too happy to rush through confirmation and rubber-stamp. Those people are dirty, even dirtier than Drumpf’s little stunt at the Ritz, but they sure as hell are no joke. They and the shitty policies they’ve shown no hesitation to ram down the country’s throat are going to put millions of innocent people in an early grave. Poverty and its associated diseases are, sadly, nowhere near as dramatic as a nuclear holocaust, so fat chance of the Drumpf-corrupted media reporting THAT.

And if you think it’s going to be bad for the US, just imagine how much worse it’s going to be for all the countries the US currently has its troops in. Or those its “diplomats” are actively trying to foment coups in. (Venezuela comes to mind, constantly.)

And let’s not even get started on all the Nazified internet trolls who voted for him, and who put him in office, and are now emboldened to think that THEY could control the world. (No, 4chan, no sense even TRYING to claim this stunt à la Daesh, either. “pol/acks”? What are YOU, ten years old too? Anyhow, everyone knows you were behind him, so this claim won’t wash.)

We can and should all be laughing along with the Russians on how they’ve managed to play Drumpf, but the fact is, the US is still stuck with the worst and crookedest government it’s ever had. And in a country with a long and sordid history of bad government, that’s a shower of filth that may well never end.

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