Why I have no tolerance for white supremacists, right wingers, and trolls

Two words, kiddies: THIS GUY.

This guy is why I closed my comments slots on this blog for the foreseeable future. This guy is why I refuse to engage with the other side. This guy is why even my friends can’t comment here right now. Because this guy is not just one guy, he’s a whole mob of them. And they’re fucking loathsome.

I already know how these guys think. So to learn that the Québec mosque terrorist, Alexandre Bissonnette, was a pro-Drumpf troll who hated Muslims and immigrants and women and gun control, doesn’t surprise me at all. Neither does the fact that this guy wasn’t exactly popular with his peers. Or that he wasn’t really interested in rational dialogue with anyone, but only in stirring shit.

You see, I already know so much about Alex Bissonnette, even though I’ve never met him. Because he’s not a lone individual, as he’s portrayed, but one of a whole long slew of ‘winger trolls.

I’ve met the likes of him all over the internet for more than two decades now. I’ve heard all their so-called opinions, and they’re all so tiresomely alike. They all sound like they’ve been churned out by the same half-dozen right-wing crapaganda mills, and they have. Every time one of them used the word “feminazi”, for example, I knew I was dealing with a head full of Rush Limbaugh’s sexist shit. If it was “Illuminati”, fluoride in the water, evil vaccines, and the kind of antisemitism that is afraid to just come right out and say Jews, I knew I was dealing with one of Alex Jones’s minions. If it was a racist fascist accusing everyone else of being a racist and a fascist, it had to be Glenn Beck. And every time one of them linked to FUX Snooze, citing its “Fair and Balanced” tagline as “proof” that it deserved taking seriously, all I could do was roll my eyes and mock the moron for being such an obvious, uncritical rube.

Some of them were so persistent (and insistent) with their right-wing talking points that I began to wonder if they were paid to spout them. Especially the ones with links to right-wing crapaganda mills built right into their profiles. I even got a few of those right here on this blog. Later I found out that paid right-wing trolls are, indeed, a thing.

Nowadays, I can’t be arsed to argue with them in forums anymore. Their bullshit is boring. They’re not interested in engaging, but in drowning out. I refuse to be drowned. And since this blog is mine, with no one but me to answer to, I’m not allowing their backtalk here. For how long? For however long I decide it’s necessary.

If you think my anti-troll stance is extreme, you might want to click on some of those links, and learn a thing or two. I’ve been dealing with too many Alex Bissonnettes in this online world for too damn long already. I’m tired.

And there’s a lot of work to be done for progress, which won’t GET done as long as the trolls are allowed to bog the process down.

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