Heroes for Today: Seb Dance, MEP

So, this happened in the EuroParliament. Nigel Fucking Farage, while wearing his “Trump” lapel pin and pontificating his arse off, got punked by a quietly badass guy with a sign:

That guy is Seb Dance, a British Labour MEP. He told the UK Telegraph:

“I held the sign up because I am getting frustrated at the lack of challenge to nationalism and populism, and the rules in European Parliament restrict the ability to challenge it.

“We had limited time to debate today, so I protested in the only way I knew how at that point, which was to grab a piece of paper, write a very simple message on it and sit behind Nigel Farage during his usual diatribe.

Mr Dance confirms he was admonished saying: “The usher came over to gently tell me to hold my sign down but I managed to have it up for most of Farage’s speech.

“Ukip often use these clips in isolation on social media and I didn’t want to give him the chance to use his speech without challenge”.

So there you go. A rare moment in which Nigel Fucking Farage and truth actually appeared on TV together.

Seb Dance, I salute thee.

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