James O’Keefe: not a journalist.

So…what is this little shit? Watch and learn:

“Walking, living trolls”. That’s what he and “Project Veritas” (was ever a crapaganda organ more ironically named?) are. That’s all they ever were, and all they ever will be.

Oh yeah…and they’re now unmasked as violent fucking thugs, too. See the video here.

The most outrageous part about this, though, isn’t even the way they wrecked Ryan Clayton’s neck. It’s that James O’Fucking Keefe thinks he’s really a fucking journalist, and that one day he’ll be offered a Pulitzer for it…and that he’ll be in a position to turn it down.

Yeah, you up there in the Peanut Gallery…I hear you laughing. And I can’t blame you. Who would ever give a Pulitzer to a fake pimp who went to ACORN, a voter-rights organization, looking for “advice” on how to pimp a fake hooker? And did it looking like this?

And that’s not counting the time he tried to “seduce” a real journalist, from CNN, with a literal boatload of dildos. Or the way he lamely tried to defend that incident AND the fake-pimp one.

And it’s also not counting how one of his minions was recently caught offering bribes to what they thought were some agents provocateurs.

And of course, it’s definitely not counting the fact that Project Veritas should actually be called Project Fraud, because that’s all it is. Actions speak louder than words, and a lot louder than this thuggy little fake-news purveyor’s heavily doctored videos.

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