Nazis: Too stupid to live? You be the judge.

So there’s this young guy in Georgia whose terrorist plot blew up in his face — alas, only figuratively — when this happened:

William Christopher Gibbs, a white supremacist from Georgia, drove himself to the hospital after exposing himself to the deadly toxin ricin, which is a deadly poison extracted from castor beans. It only takes small amounts to kill – in its purified form, only a few granules can end a life.

The FBI is now investigating Gibbs after discovering traces of the substance in his car and on his hands. “It turned out to be Ricin. I think it was all contained inside his vehicle, just a small amount of something I think he had been experimenting with. It was inside his vehicle and somehow he claimed he had exposed himself to what he made, got scared, and went to the hospital,” said Fannin County Sheriff Kirby.


While the full story is unclear as of yet, we can add two and two together. Gibbs was experimenting with extracting ricin for whatever heinous purpose, got some on himself, panicked, and ran off to the hospital. He is now being held in Fannin County jail, where he is charged with “reckless conduct and probation violation.”

Reminds me a bit of the old German saying: Der Fuchs ist schlau und stellt sich dumm; der Nazi macht es andersrum. (The fox is smart and plays dumb; the Nazi does it the other way ’round.) This little punk-ass thought he’d be clever by making ricin. He ended up scaring himself shitless, and getting his mommy’s house swarmed by government agents in hazmat suits.

It’s a wonder his own stupidity hasn’t killed him yet.

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