Sebastian Gorka is a ridiculous cartoon

Seriously. You have to hear this guy talk. Sam Seder & Co. had a field day with him:

Can you hear the cackles in the background as Gorka (gawd, his name sounds like Gurke — the German word for cucumber and/or pickle) goes on in his snooty accent about “the backbone of America”, a place he probably would never deign to actually go? He’s so over-the-top ridiculous that the mockery surrounding the clip of him speaking is hard to tell apart from the idiocy of the man himself. (Insert crack here about jokes practically writing themselves.)

So, who IS this doofus with the effete tones of a “noble” cartoon villain from Transylvania? And how did he wangle his “advisor” slot in the Drumpf Administration of Misrule?

Well, we already know about that silly medal he wears everywhere. It’s the emblem of some dubious hereditary order established by an antisemite, ostensibly to honor patriotic heroes of Hungary, but really it’s meaningless other than as an inherited marker of whose grandpa hated Jews the most during the ugliest chapter of modern European history. Any thinking Hungarian would be ashamed that such worthless trinkets still exist, let alone that anyone would be proud to wear one (and insist on doing so everywhere, as this pompous twit does). But there does seem to be a certain subset of them that prizes trifling baubles dedicated to “heroism” (Attila Vinczer, our own “Horseless Hun”, comes to mind). And that subset invariably veers fascist.

Even sillier than his unearned medal from the Modern Dark Ages, though, is Gorka’s pretension to “expertise” in all things Islamist. He is, of course, no expert in anything (except, maybe, grifting — and even that is debatable). But he did try to insert himself into the trial of the surviving Boston Marathon bomber, Dzokhar Tsarnaev, as an “expert witness”. Never mind that he is neither an expert NOR a witness, and that he is utterly clueless as to the motives of the Brothers Tsarnaev, who were in fact Chechen separatists, not part of a global Islamist jihadist conspiracy (as Gorka tried to portray them). He tried to get himself in there, and was denied by the court. They probably took one look at his “credentials” and laughed. (Who wouldn’t?)

Somewhat less funny, though, is his (non-)response to a question about his antisemitic pin and political ties. I guess, if you’re a flimsy cardboard cut-out of a cartoon count from Transylvania, you’d probably be kind of reluctant to publicly address such things too. No doubt he’s hoping this will all go away, so he can continue to coast on his unearned laurels.

Which finally leads us to how he got in there. Well, how else? The exact same way as his buddy, Steve “Ginblossoms” Bannon. Breitbart! Where bullshit goes not to die, but to ferment. And where idiots of all fascist stripes get high on the fumes. Naturally, Gorka was on their masthead as a “national security editor”, and one can only imagine Ginblossoms pitching him to Der Drumpf for a role once taken up by Henry Fucking Kissinger.

After all, “experts” in precisely nothing need a nice high place to perch so they can splatter their droppings as widely as possible. And all the statues in the park are already taken by the pigeons.

PS: Oh, dear Goddess. Check THIS out:

This drawling pseudo-intellectual nincompoop is even more ridiculous than I thought. His so-called doctoral dissertation is rubbish; it wouldn’t fly even at the high-school level. AND he, like Boss-Man Drumpf, is so hypersensitive about his image that he attacked an actual terrorism expert for criticizing him on Twitter…and then wussed out on his threat to go mano-a-mano with him.

You really can’t make this shit up.

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