The Madness of King Don

Many years ago, I saw a movie. It was full of Pink Floyd songs, and it was all about a troubled, alienated little boy whose father died fighting the Nazis in World War II. Everything that happened to him was one more brick in the invisible wall he built around himself. Eventually the boy grew up, became a rock star, saw all his troubles deepening through the influence of drugs, fame and power. He became more alienated and dissociated, even as his star rose. Eventually, dead and numb to the world he had walled himself off from, the boy became a Nazi himself. And he unveiled his “new” identity in true Nazi fashion:

That movie scared me fucking shitless. Because it made it clear just how easy it is for a troubled mind to fall down the hellhole of bad politics. And once the hellmouth is opened, well…you can see for yourself where it leads.

I bring that movie up for a reason (and no, it’s not just to tie into the graphic at the top). I bring it up because we are witnessing that same madness unfolding all around us right now.

And yes, I do believe that the so-called president of the United States is mentally unsound, and not in the harmless-to-society, harmful-only-to-himself way that most mentally ill people are.

Granted, I am not a doctor. I’m not qualified to diagnose exactly what’s up with Der Drumpf, nor to prescribe him medication for it (if any even exists). I don’t have the power to get him committed to an asylum, although I’d dearly love to.

But then again, one doesn’t have to be a doctor to see that something is very wrong with the man. And since even his own doctor seems to be deep down the same rabbit-hole as he is (oh gawd, just READ), we’re all on our own here, kiddies. We can trust no one and nothing but ourselves anymore.

Don’t be gaslit by what Dr. Bornstein or any of Drumpfler’s other silly spokesdroids say. Believe your eyes, because they’re not lying. We are looking at a mad king here. The emperor doesn’t have the finest of new clothes, as he keeps insisting he does. The emperor is naked, clothed only in his own delusions of grandeur.

And no, I am not making this up. Here is the evidence I have compiled so far:

* An anonymous tweeter from within the White House says that Drumpf wants to be “the President who will be remembered as a King”. Granted, one doesn’t even have to be a White House insider, disgruntled or otherwise, to figure that out; one has only to look at the kind of surroundings he lived in before he started squatting in the White House:

Little wonder that one of his oily offspring said that it would be a “step down” for him to move there, where gold plating is much scarcer on the ground. It’s as obvious as his fake tan that he is The Man Who Would Be King, in a land that has sworn off all allegiance to monarchies since 1776. But still, it’s kind of nice to have confirmation, even in the form of an anonymous leaker, no?

* At the commencement of Black History Month yesterday, Drumpf decided to make African-American history…all about himself. And it was a total, appalling shitshow. He’s so narcissistic, he can’t even fulfill a basic duty of office without shoving the real purpose of it off to one side, and claiming that its whole, sole purpose is to glorify him, somehow. Or trying to paint himself as victim of a “lynching” campaign…a mischaracterization that ought to horrify anyone who’s seen picture postcards of ACTUAL lynchings.

But hey. #AllLivesMatter, and Drumpf’s life matters most of all!

* Likewise his god-awful behavior at the National Prayer Breakfast. Never mind that a country that prides itself on separation of church and state really shouldn’t be holding any national days of prayer, as that violates the whole constitutional phrase about Congress making no laws with respect to religion, and so forth. No, once more it was all about Der Drumpf. And how he just had to get one up on poor ol’ Arnie Schwarzenegger, the erstwhile governor of California, who now hosts what used to be his “reality” show. Because prayer breakfasts are all about humility before God, dammit.

Like this! “Only God no, other kiiiiiiings…” Oh, forget it.

* And oh yeah, lest we forget: All his hiring decisions, policy choices, and political appointments, ever. So far, they’ve led to: mass demonstrations against him; a disastrous bombing raid in Yemen that’s left a Navy SEAL, an eight-year-old girl, and several others dead; an Iraqi grandmother, also dead because she couldn’t come to the US for medical treatment; six Muslims killed in a mosque shoot-up in Québec city, perpetrated by a Drumpf supporter; and riots in Berkeley, occasioned by another fucking Drumpf supporter (and one who’s not even legally able to vote for him, at that).

And all that was just this week’s carnage alone. There will be more. The Madness of King Don demands blood sacrifice on the altar of the Almighty Ego, and lots of it. There are already rumblings of war with China, coming straight from the Big Bigot’s hate-whisperer-in-chief. And Iran. And Bog only knows where else…

Since I began this on a Pink Floyd note, let’s also end on one. Here’s a song that really ought to hit home for the Drumpfenführer, whenever his lethal narcissism finally pauses long enough to let a sliver of reality peek through:

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