What’s going on at Standing Rock

The Young Turks explode the myths about the camp: No, the water protectors were not removed to “clean up debris” — a laughable excuse when it’s all about a polluting, infamous corporation’s “right” to build a polluting, infamous pipeline through indigenous land, endangering indigenous water. What’s more, they didn’t set their own camps on fire — the police and corporate hired thugs did that. And the damage they did is human:

A boy aged seven and a girl, 17, are being treated for burns following two explosions resulting from the fires.

Those fires were set by flares, NOT protesters. The rest of the Beeb’s report is condescending crap, so don’t take it to heart.

This fight isn’t over yet, and things are dire, but given that even Iowa farmers who voted for the asshole behind all this are now protesting against him, don’t be surprised if it’s the pipeline that ends up burning.

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