Finally, anti-gang laws put some real thugs behind bars

Mirabile dictu, the anti-gang laws of Georgia have actually put a couple of white supremacist gang members (and several of their equally white-supremacist buddies) behind bars. And without violating either the First OR the Second Amendment, because this was a clear case of terrorism, caught on video. Who the hell threatens to shoot up a child’s birthday party? Well, if the kid is black and you’re a bunch of white yahoos in Georgia, these people — that’s who.

And if you need any more proof of how “post-racial” the United States of Amnesia aren’t, here are some crunchy nuggets for thought: This happened, as the Young Turks say, about a month after Dylann Roof shot up a black church in Charleston, having gone with a specific plan to terrorize and kill black people (and even went to a second church planning to kill some more). This gang of white thugs threatened to do the same, but somehow didn’t get that far. Mostly they just thought it would be a cute idea to drive around black neighborhoods in their big ugly trucks with their big ugly flags, hollering slurs, and brandishing loaded guns to back up their racist death threats.

Scarier, though, than even what these terrorists planned to do is the realization that, so long as no one gets killed or threatened with death, the US of A rewards actual racism. Look who got “elected” (note the quotes, there for a reason) to the presidency, where he most clearly doesn’t belong, by white assholes who kvetched, obstructed Congress, and teabagged for the entire eight years a black man was in the White House. Now laws protecting people and the environment are being stripped away by executive fiats written by an actual, overt white supremacist. How long before racists who threaten or deal actual death start getting off scot-free again — under laws that specifically condone them?

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