Right-wing terrorist threats at Concordia U.

Hello, Montréal Police? Have I got a tip for you! Guess what showed up at Concordia University lately?

Charming, isn’t it?

Like everything the “alt-right” (translation: white supremacists too chicken to wear their sheets in public, and/or neo-Nazis who don’t have the courage to strap on their swastikas), this thing is ugly as fuck, with a poorly designed logo. And while they purport to be “Canadian Citizens” (big whoop!), they use a very un-Canadian color scheme. Probably because red, white and black would be too obvious.

And get a load of what they wrote, too. Who still uses that archaic spelling, “Moslems”? Wingnuts without a clue, that’s who. The same who think that just because Der Drumpf stole an election to the south of us, he’s suddenly “our” president too. Nope! This is CANADA, fools. We have a Prime Minister, and it ain’t him. And his “election”, being a sham, has no bearing on our politics, and if you think it gives you licence to behave like the KKK, you’ve got a harsh awakening coming.

And the best chuckle is the threat. “Artisanal” explosive devices? Oh, you mean like BOMBS? Wow, what hipsters those neckbeards are all of a sudden. A bomb threat! How meta!

Of course, one thing that hasn’t changed with the times is the fact that if you have to use a bomb — or the threat of one — to get things to go your way, you’re a colossal fuckin’ wuss. And I sure hope this band of cowards gets arrested before they have a chance to set off one of their “artisanal” bangers.

Oh, and a final pro tip for our hipster-racist would-be terrorists: You can leave the Jews out of your bomb threat. They’ve dealt with enough of their own just to the south of us lately, and the threats were coming from assholes just like you.

PS: Raw Story has picked this one up and run with it. Apparently this bunch is a subsidiary of a KKK-like group in the States with connections to Dylann Roof, which would no doubt explain the old-fogey spelling of Muslim — as well as the un-Canadian sentiments and color scheme.

PPS: CBC reports Montréal Police have searched all the buildings in question and found nothing. This “C4” group is even more cowardly than I thought. But maybe now cops will finally start taking Internet threats seriously, because that’s how this one was issued.

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