Stupid Sex Tricks: Forget spycrowaves. How about spybrators?

Relax, your nuker isn’t spying on you. But if you bought this internet-capable sex toy, guess what? You’re about to have your privacy invaded on a whole new level:

Two anonymous women who alleged an Ottawa sex toy company was collecting real-time data on their use of an Internet-connected vibrator without their consent have reached a US$3.75 million settlement with the firm.

Under the terms of the settlement, Standard Innovation Corp. has agreed to destroy the personal information it has collected from users of the vibrator and stop collecting such information from now on. The vibrator, known as the We-Vibe Rave, could be paired with a smartphone app to allow a partner to control it remotely.

So, if you’re one of the 300,000 who bought one of these, and one of the approximately 100,000 who used them with internet capability, good news! There’s anywhere between $199 and $10,000 in smelly green US smackeroos in it for you.

If you’re not too embarrassed to try and collect, that is.

PS: Oh shit, this actual spybrator has been out since last year, too. Nope nope nope nope, DO NOT WANT.

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