Why the “free speech” excuse is bullshit

I hate Illinois Nazis. Especially when Canadians try to mimic their tactics.

So, lately, there’s been a whole lot of bullshit flying around up here. A bunch of covert Nazis got together in Toronto and other cities to protest M-103, a parliamentary motion (not a bill, not a law, just a motion) against Islamophobia. This probably without even having read the thing; right-wingers and their jerky knees are so easily triggered by the mere suggestion that they are, in fact, raving bigots underneath it all.

And sure enough, the sensitive little snowflakes tried to frame their protest as being in favor of free speech, not against Muslims. They tried to frame it as patriotism, not raving bigotry. They even played (repeatedly!) a song called “Wavin’ Flag” to underscore the “patriotic” angle.

There was only one problem with that little tactic: the singer of “Wavin’ Flag”, K’naan Warsame, is a Somali refugee. Also, he’s black. And a Muslim. And he clapped back with a witty tweet-string at the irony of a bunch of obvious white supremacists using his song as a pretext for barring others like him from Canadian shores.

Meanwhile, in Oshawa, Durham Regional Police are looking for a masked coward who threatened an 11-year-old Muslim boy…oh sorry, exercised his free speech in the face of a radical Islamist terrorist in the making.

You’d have to be blind not to see the crying need for a measure rather stronger than M-103, which is merely a non-binding parliamentary motion condemning hate-crimes against Muslims. But this is the sorry pass we Canadians have come to lately. We don’t dare crack down hard enough on the REAL terrorists here, who are white and home-grown and who want to remake this country in their own image. Even a rather mild declaration of Parliament brings out the Soldiers of Odin, PEGIDA Canada, and other assorted crypto-fascist lumpenproles who haven’t the guts to wear their swastikas out in the open because that would be giving their little game away. And they’re bawling over not being able to do that, even though they still can…that is, if they can handle being challenged, counter-protested (and grossly outnumbered!), and maybe fired from their McJobs for making the workplace too toxic with their ugly twaddle.

But clearly any little challenge to their supremacy is too many, which is why they turned out against M-103 only to be pwned by their own choice of anthems.

Hell, they’re such big babies that even James Fucking Sears, a.k.a. Dimitri the Lover, is now pooping his diapers because, so he says, he can’t even mail greeting cards anymore. Of course he can; the only thing he’s not allowed to mail is his hate-rag, Your Ward News, a quaint “satirical” throwback to the days when there was no Internet, and thus no Stormfront and no Daily Stormer for the local yokels to get their daily fix of hate-speech — oh sorry, “political incorrectness” (note the quotes, there for a reason).

Meanwhile, in Halifax, nobody showed up to protest what the Toronto Star’s own Rick Salutin has sarcastically called “political correctness writ small”.

In a strange way, it’s encouraging to see them crying so hard, and pissing their pants with fear, about something so non-threatening. It means that neo-fascists up here are still running scared. And that’s because they’re grossly outnumbered and disempowered…for now.

Meanwhile, those just to the south of us, the same neo-fascists that these sad sacks are trying to emulate, are fast getting too big for their britches. And their motto is STILL “Free speech for me, but none for thee”. Need proof? Here it is:

Now, why do you suppose they’d do a thing like that?

Well, for starters, because protests work. Especially if the cause is popular and just. And in addition, because big protests against Drumpf have been called, and every single time, they’ve drawn much larger crowds than rallies for him have done. So it stands to reason that they’re trying to criminalize protests against themselves. How else are they going to get away with murder — oh sorry, “drain the swamp”? Especially with the Big Bigot so busy playing golf every weekend?

And besides, it wouldn’t look very good if they called a bigot rally and no one came. Or if K’naan decided to razz them over the tweeter, too.

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