Brian Williams jizzes his pants over Syria

Hey! Remember how Brian Williams made shit up about his supposed heroics in Iraq? And how, on my most recent wankapedia, I also flagged him for a wanker when he oohed and ahhed over the missiles launching from a ship, heading for Syria? Well, I’m not the only one who’s noticed that he’s got kind of a sexual fetish for war and the glorification thereof. Jimmy Dore has seen it also. And he’s not buying the “oh what a lovely war” narrative any more than I am.

I’m pretty sure that Leonard Cohen was NOT pro-war when he wrote that about “the beauty of our weapons”. I’m pretty sure that he was being sarcastic. (The man was a Buddhist, after all, and everyone KNOWS how pacifistic THEY are.)

And while this may seem out of the blue, I suddenly feel a song coming on. No, it’s not Leonard Cohen. But it fits the situation a lot better. Brian Williams, this one’s for you:

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