The unbelievable megalomania of Donald J. Drumpf

A killer 3-minute rant by Farron Cousins underscores what we either already know or have long suspected about the Big Orange Asshole: That he’s not only unfit to run a pop stand, he’s also so far up his own anus that his eyeballs are looking out of his mouth. Problem is, they can’t see shit. They can’t see that his actual popularity rating is in the toilet, and the only creatures who care are the flies.

Flies may thrive on shit, but they’re insects. The humans, on the other hand, are holding their noses and fleeing in all directions. They’re probably scouting around for old Civil Defense bunkers from the Cold War surplus store. And who can blame them? I mean, just think: This guy has the nuclear football!

No, really. The nuclear football is in these fat, shrimp-fingered, orange hands:

If you could fish anything of sense out of that word soup, you’re a brighter person than I am. All I heard was a pathetic old man, possibly illiterate, probably demented, and indubitably fucking stupid, struggling to be heard above the roar of his own ego.

Or the clang of doom, which at this point could very well be the same thing.

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