Venezuela prepares to exit the OAS

Put the kettle on, honey, because you’re going to be needing hot tea when you hear this:

Yes, that’s right: Venezuela is planning to leave the Organization of American States! Aporrea has the story:

Venezuelan minister of exterior relations Delcy Rodríguez stated on Tuesday that she had received instructions from president Nicolás Maduro to start the process of removing Venezuela from the Organization of American States, upon hearing of a meeting set for this Wednesday which violates the institution’s norms.

“If there is any meeting of the foreign ministers of the OAS that does not have the support and consent of the government of Venezuela, I have received instructions from the chief of state, President Nicolás Maduro, to begin the proceedings of removing Venezuela from this organization,” said the foreign minister in a phone call with VTV.

The meeting in question brings together various countries of the bloc to once more violate the norms of the organization itself in directing acts of interference against Venezuela.

Translation mine.

So, that’s why Venezuela wants out.

And if you think that’s a drastic measure, may I remind you that the secretary-general of the OAS, Luis Almagro himself, has met with three putschist deserters from the Venezuelan armed forces? And that he is also meddling in Venezuela’s democratic process from his own bully pulpit?

The more I learn of the OAS’s crimes against a member state, the less I can blame Venezuela for wanting out.

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