Donald J. Drumpf, love destroyer

Am I surprised that Presidunce Pussygrabber is ruining relationships? Not even hardly. That man is a walking libido kill. Two failed marriages under his belt, and a third one still pending. His ugly sexual propensities are so well known, it’s hard to believe anyone isn’t repulsed by now.

And I’m not even sorry for those who got dumped for supporting him, either. If you’re a dumb enough fuck that you think racism, xenophobia and crotch-grabbing sexism are normal and acceptable in a political candidate, you deserve to die unlaid. You probably can’t be trusted not to mess up the minds of children either (HE certainly can’t), so you really shouldn’t reproduce. Hardcore stupidity shouldn’t be rewarded with a second glance, never mind sex.

One good thing about all this, though: This is proving so many old myths false. The myth of the “alpha male”, for one; the myth of opposites attracting, for another. Opposites don’t attract that much, after all. Compatibility is still far more compelling in reality.

And while some political disagreement is normal in any relationship, it should never be at the point of total polarization…much less with one partner thinking that someone like Drumpf is great. He’s not a dealmaker, he’s a dealbreaker.

I, for one, am glad that so many people are breaking up with their respective bad bargains.

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