Don’t cry for Roger Ailes.

Want to know just how long and sorely overdue this old scumbag’s death was? Watch this and learn:

Yeah. Roger Ailes, professional ratfucker from the days of Tricky Dick Nixon. Devotee of the casting couch. Professional sexual harasser and rapist who pioneered the infamous FUX Snooze Gam Cam. Rigger of elections…remember Florida 2000?

Yeah. Roger Fucking Ailes did that. He did that by hiring Dubya’s cousin to lie for him.

He fucked up US politics and dragged them to the right for over 40 years, costing millions of lives and trillions of tax dollars wasted on senseless wars. Thanks to him, the US still doesn’t have single-payer healthcare; the roads and bridges are crumbling; the education system is in disarray with a Religious Reich nincompoop in charge, and fascist “militias” are running hog-wild, all the way up to and even IN the White House. Roger Fucking Ailes ties in to all of that. His channel PROMOTED all that.

His awfulness finally caught up to him yesterday. This week’s wankapedia will be dedicated to his nauseous memory tonight. Stay tuned.

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