Britain’s border controls work, catch incoming extremists

Well. How’s THIS for irony?

Prominent far-right activists from Europe who were planning to attend an anti-Muslim rally in Birmingham have been detained at airports hours before they were due to speak.

Jacek Międlar, 28, an antisemitic priest, and his fellow activist Piotr Rybak were among three Polish nationals stopped on Saturday morning, according to Polish media and social media posts. They were due to speak at the rally organised by far-right group Britain First.

At around the same time, a Dutch national Edwin Wagensveld, who heads his country’s branch of the Islamophobic movement Pegida, was held at Birmingham airport, Britain First said.

Well. Looks like neither Britain First nor PEGIDA has anything to complain about anymore where British border defences are concerned. The screening controls worked, and kept out a couple of known terrorists from mainland Europe. Gotta love those unintended side effects of Brexit, eh?

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