Germany: Xenophobic party’s badvertising campaign of sexism and hate

Y’okay. So, here are some ads from the German election campaign. All are from the AFD party, which bills itself as the “Alternative For Germany”. See if you can spot what’s wrong with these pictures. (I’ll give you a broad hint by translating the captions.) Ready? Here’s #1:

Left to right, the captions read:

“New Germans? We make them ourselves.”
“Burka? I’m more into burgundy.”
“Islam? Doesn’t fit into our kitchen.”

And all across the bottom, the message is “Be Brave, Germany!”

Cute, eh? I see exploitation of women, more exploitation of women, and exploitation of…Wilbur? Dear gawd, that IS Wilbur, isn’t it. Look, I’m not vegan — I’m not even vegetarian, because bacon — but that last one kind of makes you think that halal eating isn’t such a bad idea after all. (And just think how this ad would read if “Judaism” were substituted for “Islam”. Jews don’t eat pork, either. Kosher and halal are actually the same thing.)

Now here’s #2:

“For family-friendly politics. Kids! Are! Fun!”
“No passport, no entry. Protect borders!”
“Islam doesn’t belong in Germany. Women’s freedom is non-negotiable!”

This was an ad campaign that ran only in Bavaria. Not so cute, is it? They went straight from the joys of babymaking (which have NOTHING to do with the more dubious “joy” of baby-raising) to purest xenophobia in three frames or less.

And who are they to talk about women’s freedom when they’re telling them straight up to go make babies lest Germany be overrun by the wrong color of babies? There is nothing LESS fun, to be honest, than this whole “make a baby for the state” schtick. Particularly when we all know who’s going to have to give up her career and stay home to raise it. Pretty sure that the last thing any German mother needs is to be patted on the head for “doing her bit” to keep the Arabs out.

If they really cared about being family-friendly, how about better maternity leaves, pay equity, and higher mothers’ allowances? Because the AFD is absolutely shit at those, that’s why. And persistent financial insecurity, not an influx of refugees, is the main reason German women are limiting their family size. But the AFD doesn’t care about that. They think that white German women should just be breeding on command, while their husbands bring home the bacon (sorry). Some “Alternative”!

But hey, sex sells, right? So, here’s #3:

“Burkas? We’re into bikinis.”

Well, boo, you do you. Ain’t no Muslims stopping you from wearing ’em. Or ogling ’em, as the case may be. But that’s a damn shitty reason for wanting to keep refugees from, you know, SEEKING REFUGE. They haven’t said a word about how German women dress (or don’t, as the case may be).

Also, once again, note the blatant exploitation from the party of “women’s freedom”. Apparently, “freedom” is only truly free if you can see its salon-tanned buttocks hanging out from under an overpriced shred of Lycra. But it’s NOT free to wear a burkini!

Finally, here’s #4:

“Colorful variety? We already have it.”

Astute eyes will note that they’re all the same color. In fact, they look suspiciously like they’re all the same model. Not very colorful, and not much variety. And that’s just the way the AFD likes it!

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