There is just nothing that is not creepy about this…

One can’t help feeling sorry for Caitriona Perry, the Irish reporter (for RTÉ, their national radio-TV corporation) who got called up on the carpet, quite literally, by Donnie Drumpf just so he could engage in some “locker room talk” with the newly sworn in PM of Ireland at her expense. Of course, there are several things wrong with the picture:

First, the obvious: Yes, this pretty young woman looks an awful lot like Ivanka. And yes, him singling her out for attention is extra creepy for that very reason, because he’s also gotten visibly and physically inappropriate with Ivanka, in public:

Ugh, right?

Then, there’s the less obvious, which David and Pat point out in the first video: The Irish PM, Leo Varadkar, is openly gay and Indo-Irish. Meaning, he’s not the sort of guy Donnie actually wants in his locker room, because everybody knows how gay those gay guys are, right? (And how brown those brown guys are, right?) Yet he’s got to engage him in man-talk somehow, so he’s pointing out that piece of ass lovely smile on the reporter, who’s only smiling to cover her obvious embarrassment at this unwanted and unwarranted attention. The man literally knows no other mode of man-to-man talk, it seems.

And no doubt Leo Varadkar (not shown) is probably cringing and doing his best to avoid facepalming on the other end of that phone line, too. For all the above reasons and then some, because he’s going to have to be in communication with this dunce, at least for the foreseeable future.

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