Honor crime: Just a Muslim thing?

Left: the scene of the crime; right: the victim.

Uh…not in Israel, it ain’t:

A Christian resident of the central Israeli town of Ramle was charged on Sunday with killing his teenage daughter over her relationship with a young Muslim.

Sami Karra allegedly murdered his daughter, Henriette, 17, because he and his family objected to her relationship with a man who was serving time in prison, as well as her plans to convert to Islam for him.

Henriette left home two weeks before the June 13 murder after her family used violence and threats to try to end her relationship, according to the indictment. She feared for her life and hid from her family in a number of places, including at the home of her boyfriend’s mother.

A week before the murder she filed a complaint with the police against her mother, saying she had attacked her.

In an effort to pressure Henriette to return home, the family threatened her boyfriend’s mother, forcing the teen to find another place to hide.

A few days before the murder, her parents and two uncles came to see her at the home of a female friend with whom she was staying, in an attempt to convince her to return home. The police were called, but Henriette refused to accept help from the officer who responded on the scene. At 3 A.M. her father arrived, allegedly beating and threatening her.

On June 11, two days before her murder, the police summoned Henriette and her parents for a joint meeting with a social worker. At the meeting, her parents asked Henriette to return home, but she said no. The social services proposed she enter a woman’s shelter or another framework. She refused and asked for help from the welfare authorities in paying for an apartment.

The sides agreed at the meeting that Henriette would stay with a relative, but she returned home later that evening. The next day she attended her high school graduation party.

On June 13, the day of the murder, Henriette deposited 400 shekels ($113) in her boyfriend’s prison canteen account. When she returned home she told her relative that her boyfriend was getting out of prison at the end of the week and that she intended on converting to Islam. The relative called Henriette’s father and told him of her plans. The father then decided to murder her, according to the indictment.

She was found stabbed to death (in the neck) in her parents’ kitchen soon after that.

And yes, it WAS an “honor” killing:

In the course of the investigation, Henriette’s mother told the police her husband felt humiliated by his daughter’s behavior and saw it as an affront to the “family’s honor.”

So there you have it. Honor killing is, like, totally a Muslim thing, at least if you count the fact that in this case, the killer is a Christian who was beside himself with rage at the prospect of his teenage daughter converting to Islam so she could marry her boyfriend within his religion.

I propose we stop letting Christians immigrate to Canada, starting right now. They are clearly a misogynous security risk. And if you think that sounds preposterous and bigoted, just remember: It’s what the Lesser Northern Drumpfites want, only for Muslims.

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