Crying Nazi’s “libertarian” past

This clip is currently making the rounds of Facebook. See if you recognize any of the people in it. Because one of these guys sure looks familiar to me…

No, it’s not the goofy kid with the suction-cup arrows. Or the other kid with the afro. It’s the pudgy, older wannabe tough guy with the gun on his hip. Where have we seen him before?

Oh yeah. That’s where. Looks like he’s lost a few pounds since then, and dropped the silly “libertarian Robin Hood” act, too. And he’s graduated from harassing meter maids (and men) to sniveling in fear of the cop-cops while trying not to show how scared he is of tiny Chelsea Manning (who, you’ll recall, has been an actual soldier, not a gun-toting wannabe) and her “curb-stomp” Instagram pic.

Very alpha, so male, much wow.

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