Daddy Yankee throws a snit over Venezuela

Ay, Dios mío. What have we here?

Yes, that was Madurito, having a little harmless fun with a pop song in advance of the elections for the Constituent Assembly, which will be convened to rewrite the Venezuelan constitution, in response to popular pressure. What could be so bad about a democratic rewrite? Better ask the guy who popularized the song, whose name is ironically appropriate given his own imperialistic tendencies:

Puerto Rican reggaeton singer Daddy Yankee said on Wednesday that he won’t return to play in Venezuela until the president of said South American country, Nicolás Maduro, leaves office.

“At this time, as I said, I won’t think of going until Maduro is gone from power,” said the singer to journalists following a press conference in San Juan.

The statements of the so-called “chief of reggaeton” came after he and compatriot Luis Fonsi criticized Maduro for his version of their hit song, “Despacito”, to create “propaganda” for the Constituent Assembly whose elections took place on Sunday, July 30.

In a message on his Instagram account, Daddy Yankee said that Maduro had “illegally” appropriated the song, turning it into a “joke” for the Venezuelan people.

“With that evil ‘marketing’ plan, you are only continuing to provide evidence of your fascist ideals, which have killed hundreds and caused more than 2,000 injured,” the Puerto Rican reggaeton star charged.

Translation mine.

Of course, Daddy Piti-Yankee couldn’t be further from the truth. Madurito is the opposite of a fascist, and it’s not his policies that have caused all the trouble in Venezuela; it’s that damned fascist oligarchy, the same white trash that have ruled the country’s economy for entirely too long and with an utterly inept hand. They don’t want democracy or elections, because they know they’d lose them. They’re the ones who caused the Caracazo by adopting the IMF’s feed-the-rich eoncomic policies. They’re the ones who’ve called for riots and lynchings, and gotten them. Problem is, the result they were hoping for hasn’t come to pass. Madurito is still very much in office, and efforts to get him ousted have all failed. Even a recall petition came up short of needed signatures, which kind of proves that he’s NOT as unpopular as his detractors claim. And to add insult to injury, there was even record voter turnout for the Assembly election.

But hey! If Madurito won’t go, this talentless hack will…and he’ll forego all that sweet, sweet oligarchic dinero. Parallel dollars, no doubt.

Meanwhile, however, a popular band that’s actually indigenous to Venezuela will be more than happy to pick up the imperialist pitiyanki’s slack. And here’s what they might want to perform in concert:

“Daddy Yankee? Pa’ fuera!”

Yeah, he can get out and stay there. He won’t be missed.

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