Ezra Levant gets pwned

Eight and a half minutes of pure audio hilarity as Ezzy the Kapo gets kapow’d, but keeps on desperately spinning. Or trying to.

Meanwhile, in Alberta, even the local cons are saying Ezra’s a fascist enabler. It’s such an “outrageous thing to say” that everyone with even half a brain is saying it. (And yes, to be a conservative IS to have only half a brain. It’s science, people.)

When even satire gets closer to the truth (and FAR closer to humor) than anything Ezra can say to make excuses for the singularly unfunny NAZI Gavin McInnes, well…you know it’s time to just call a spade a goddamn shovel, already. The Rebel IS a fascist news outlet. Ezra, by making excuses for that bug-eyed angry neckbeard and all the other Nazis he’s got on board, IS a Nazi sympathizer. Water is wet. The Pope is Catholic. And do I really have to tell you what bears do in the woods? Or can you just figure that last one out for yourself?

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