Hurricane Harvey: Local views from Houston, Texas

Rich Lux, a Houston YouTuber usually known for gossip, banter, makeup, and “DRAMA, HAWNEY!”, gets serious and shows us the local, human side of the worst weather disaster to hit the US since Hurricane Katrina, 12 years ago.

Meanwhile, another local YouTuber, Bunny Meyer, a.k.a. grav3yardgirl, usually better known for her hilarious hauls and goofball product reviews, talks about what it’s like for her and her partner “Dogman” and their respective families, who live in the swampy suburbs of the city:

My heart goes out to these folks and everyone affected by Harvey. Stay as dry and warm and safe as you can, folks. And I hope you have enough of everything to tide you over until the floodwaters recede. Failing that, I hope help reaches you in time. Love to you all.

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