Tucker Carlson endorses hit-and-run murders

Apparently the asshole responsible for the crime-advocating video referred to here is a guy named Mike Raust, but Tucker Carlson owns the site, presumably okayed all the content, and never ordered this how-to-murder video taken down (until all too recently), so he too bears responsibility. That video should never have been made in the first place, much less posted…and FAR less left up for as long as it has been. It is a how-to manual for four-wheeled terrorists. And that is a federal offence under US law.

That’s right, Mike and Tucker, you’re fucking criminals. You’re giving people instructions in how to murder others who are only exercising their right to freedom of speech and peaceful assembly. How are you any different from the author of The Anarchist Cookbook? For that matter, how are you any different from those mythical “violent leftists” you keep whining and crying about whenever you’re not bragging of breaking their heads?

How are you fucking fascists NOT acting as censors to voices you don’t like? You sick pricks really get off on vehicular violence, I see. And glorifying it has led to the horror that happened in Charlottesville last weekend. It has inured some people to the illegality of their own actions, as well as the impact those actions have on others. It has emboldened a terrorist. And it has led to the death of one young woman, plus the serious wounding of several other people.

And if you assholes wanna know if I’m “triggered” because I’m not laughing and finding your lame-ass joke funny (if indeed it’s supposed to BE a joke)? Hell yeah, I’m triggered, because I nearly got killed in just that fashion by a careless driver when I was 14. What am I supposed to be, amused? I’m triggered as fuck because I hate seeing other people suffer the same traumas that I suffered.

Oh, but of course, you’ll say, it’s not the same thing. And you’d be right, it’s not at all the same. The difference between the man who hit me and these monsters you’re glorifying for mowing protesters down is that he didn’t even try to leave the scene. He apologized to me for it profusely later on. And I got to clean his insurance out in court. All of these facts provide me with a bit of consolation and satisfaction to offset the trauma ever so slightly.

I don’t know what recourse these poor souls have. Many of them can’t afford lawyers, so I imagine it wouldn’t be much.

But I do know what those who survive such impacts suffer in terms of post-traumatic distress, because I’m still afraid, after decades, to get my driver’s licence. The day I was due to take my road test, I had to cancel because I suffered a severe anxiety attack. I had palpitations and nausea, and thought I’d die of a heart attack even though I was healthy and in my early twenties. I’m now 50. I haven’t been behind the wheel since. And when I saw a cyclist get hit by a car once, at my hometown library, all the nausea and terror of that nearly-fatal day came right back to me, and hung around until I made my statement to the cops, swallowed the urge to puke, and walked home on shaking legs.

That’s actual triggering. That’s how it works. It is never a mere matter of vague “hurt feelings”. It’s something much more specific, and much, much worse. And it’s something you shouldn’t fucking joke about, because one day, the one with the PTSD from an unexpected trauma might be Y-O-U, assholes.

And you shouldn’t expect a lick of sympathy from me, either. Why? Because you’re fucking assholes who don’t care who gets hurt or killed as long as you get to chuckle like Beavis and Butthead at others’ real troubles and pains. And because I’m not a fucking Nazi sympathizer either, and you are fucking Nazis. You enabled them, you took up for them, you provided inspirational materials for them, and objectively speaking, that means you ARE them. And I don’t care if my saying so hurts your widdle snowflake feelings. Why?

Because FUCK YOUR FEELINGS, that’s why.

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