There is so much grossness to pick apart in here in this minute or so of footage. There’s dear ol’ Donnie, hiding behind Ivanka’s skirts, blatantly using her as a shield to deflect criticism (sorry, asshole, even lovely daughters can turn out that way IN SPITE OF you, not because of you). There’s also the infantilization of a 35-year-old WOMAN as a Daddy’s Girl (in which Ivanka seems to participate quite happily, if the childishly flirtatious way she says “Hi, North Dakota” is any indication). It’s like she never grew up past the age of 15. And while it’s seemingly not a bad thing that they’re close, what the hell is she doing in the White House? She has a family and career of her own; it’s not like she HAS to be there. In fact, it’s highly inappropriate that she’s there at all, given the rather strict (if fairly recent) ethical rules against involving unqualified family members too much in the affairs of state. And Ivanka IS involved, as are her brothers, Eric and Donald Jr.

And last, but certainly not least, there’s that bit at the end, where it’s all “give us a kiss, honey”. She was just walking off when he pulled her back in — did you notice that? Ugh.

Remember, this IS the same man who barged in on teenage beauty pageant contestants while they were changing in the dressing room — and BRAGGED about it. He’s the same man who said he grabs women by the pussy and that they let him do it because he’s famous. He’s also the same one who famously said that if Ivanka wasn’t his daughter, he’d be dating her.

Yuck. What the hell IS she doing in the White House, anyway?

And for that matter — what’s HE still doing there, too?

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