Harvard wusses out

The set-up in this video’s a bit long, but at around the 9-minute mark, Jimmy Dore knocks it the hell out of the park.

And for a quick refresher on who Chelsea Manning is and why she matters, she is the former army intel analyst who downloaded and burned a whole lot of seriously filthy poop onto a Lady Gaga CD in order to get it out to the public via Wikileaks. Poop like this video, which you may recall was also posted here when it first came out:

So just sit back and let that marinate for a bit. Harvard wussed out of having someone speak who literally risked her life for the truth (and nearly lost it twice in prison), but is more than happy to kowtow to the very people who put this same brave soldier behind bars for blowing the whistle on their own and other agencies’ WAR CRIMES.

In other words: Harvard is complicit in war crimes and the conspiracy to conceal war crimes. It’s not just a country club that teaches occasional classes to the children of wealthy alumni anymore. No, Hahvud is (and, I suspect, has long been) an arm of the CIA, indoctrinating the scions of wealth and privilege with propaganda in order to maintain their unearned, ill-gotten power over the masses.

Higher learning, my ass.

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