How sexism works against abuse victims

A little something from the other side of the pond caught my eye this morning. And promptly made me see red. See if you can guess what it is before I tell you…

The child sex victim of an Asian grooming gang was told by a government body she was not entitled to compensation because she had “consented” to her abuse.

Sammy Woodhouse, who was just 14 when she was first groomed, has disclosed how the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) initially refused to make a payment to her.

In a letter turning down her request for compensation, the CICA official told Ms Woodhouse: “I am not satisfied that your consent was falsely given as a result of being groomed by the offender.

“The evidence does not indicate that you were manipulated or progressively lured into a false relationship.”

If you know anything about this story, you probably know already what’s wrong with this quote. Sammy Woodhouse was, in fact, manipulated and lured into a false relationship. She was, by definition, groomed into sexual slavery as a child. The story has been a scandal in Britain for years, and this refusal of compensation just underscores further how scandalous it is.

But if you think THAT’s bad, wait a bit. While Sammy Woodhouse, who clearly was a victim of grooming by a gang of sexual abusers and pimps, couldn’t get compensation…guess who could?

The CICA, which is a taxpayer-funded scheme, is under mounting criticism. The Telegraph has disclosed how it had made huge compensation payments of up to £50,000 to a fantasist called Nick, who had falsely claimed he had been the victim of a paedophile gang that included a former prime minister, a home secretary, a general and spy chiefs.

Nick is now under investigation for fraud although the CICA has no simple mechanism for reclaiming the money paid out.

So yeah, that happened. A “fantasist” who concocted a wild tale got 50,000 pounds sterling even with no charges ever being laid or made to stick in court, but an actual rape victim has yet to see a single farthing.

Couldn’t be because the “fantasist” was male, eh? Gee, if only Sammy had been Samuel, a boy instead of a girl. Then nobody would have questioned her right to a payout that would perhaps cover the cost of meds and counselling for her trauma.

But, alas, Sammy was a girl at the time of the grooming and abuse. So she won’t see a cent. Because, as everybody knows, a woman is always to blame for everything that happens to her ever, while males of all ages are just the innocent victims…even when they’re not.

And even an under-age girl isn’t off the hook. She’s to blame, too. Who cares if she was 14 when the bogus “relationship” began, and just 15 when she got pregnant from it? Apparently the physical signs of sexual maturity are all the “consent” the rapists needed. Her lack of information and the resultant inability to consent are not even worth taking into account. She has a teenage girl’s body, one that menstruates and can get pregnant? She’s fair game. A greedy guy makes up a vast and high-powered pedophile ring out of whole cloth? He’s innocent. Boys will be boys!

The problem with all this sexism under law (and compensation) is that it has very real repercussions. It can even be the literal death of a victim:

Ms Woodhouse said the letter had made her feel suicidal. “It’s disgusting,” she told The Telegraph, “I could have killed myself when I read that. They were saying it was my fault that I was a victim of rape and abuse from the age of 14.”

But then again, I’m sure that if she HAD killed herself, people would just have written Sammy Woodhouse off as yet another crazy bitch who just got a bunch of innocent guys into trouble for her own gain. Because that’s the way this shit works. That’s the way it has ALWAYS worked.

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