Night-night, White Pride.

Daaang, this is even more satisfying than seeing Dickie Spencer getting his fashy hair knocked sideways:

According to Buzzfeed, this happened in Seattle. The would-be tough guy in the armband was seen repeatedly harassing and bullying black folks on public transit. When he got off, he did it some more…at least, until one of those people decided he didn’t have to take that shit, and cold-cocked him neatly, as seen above, in one quick punch.

And while I’m generally not about punching people with whom one disagrees, this was something rather more than a simple political disagreement. This was something exceptional. Something about a white guy wanting to ethnically cleanse Seattle of non-white people, who he clearly thinks are inferior to whites. And we all know what would happen, and not prettily, if the Nazis actually DID take over. So in this case, a Nazi-punch isn’t just inevitable; it’s mandatory.

This is an act of self-defence on behalf of all victims of racism, not just one guy punching another’s lights out. It’s to put all the fascists on notice that no, they will NOT be allowed to just shoot off their big mouths at random, no matter who’s in the White House. And they won’t be allowed to enact the even uglier aspects of their far-right agenda, either. Should they try it with anyone, there will be someone with a quick, accurate fist and a no-nonsense attitude to put an end to it on the spot.

Sic semper imbecilis, Nazi motherfucker.

PS: Well, well. It looks like the lights-out punch worked and somebody is smartening the hell up:

Seattle police are responding Monday to a viral video of a man wearing a swastika armband getting punched in downtown Seattle.

Police said they they received several reports Sunday of a man wearing a swastika instigating fights at Third Avenue and Pine Street. Police said they were on the scene within five minutes and found the man — with a Nazi flag armband — on the ground.

“He declined to provide info about incident & left after removing his armband,” Seattle police said in a tweet about the incident on Monday.

Looks like White Pride isn’t so proud after all, either.

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