The Blaze is burning out

Gee. All of a sudden I don’t feel so bad about running this here little ol’ never-made-a-dime blog. Because remember all those professional ‘wingers and their whiz-bang “news” outlets (note the quotes, there for a reason)? Well, one of them — a total trash fire from the get-go — has finally burned through all its financing, and is now going up in thick, black smoke. And surprise, surprise…it’s Biff’s!

Or maybe NOT so surprising after all. When Biff left FUX Snooze, he had nowhere to go but deeper into the fascist fringe than even they dared to tread. Oh sure, he pretends he’s not a Nazi, the very opposite of a Nazi, and anyway (so he says, and so say all the cons who are way too close to that particular tire-fire to avoid getting singed), “The Nazis were SOCIALISTS, they said so right in the name!” And yes, he Godwin’d both Obama and the young Norwegians murdered by an ACTUAL Nazi. (This even though Biff owns Nazi paraphernalia, which he has made a repeated point of wearing and displaying…in the name of freedumb. Also, he had nothing but kind words for home-grown OG Nazis.)

But if it seemed like Biff was onto something at first, with a crapaganda outlet catering to those who considered FUX a liberal fake-news channel, it never really got much traction. For one thing, he had to fake-cry too many times (and way too obviously). For another, his main competition for the FUX Snooze Leg Cam, the White Grievance Cheerleader herself, dared to let slip that she was kinda-sorta pro-choice. That was a no-no, and Tomi had to go-go. (She’s now perched awkwardly in front of that very same Leg Cam, ha ha.)

And last, but certainly not least, there was Breitbart…which, far from dying along with its hot-headed founder (although it should have), got a major cash infusion from some “libertarian” Nazi-symps who weren’t fucking around. And while Bitefart’s down now (thanks to a concerted campaign of advertiser boycotting), it’s not out yet. Steve Bannon, who served as Donnie’s adviser briefly and yet still far too long, took it on a turn so hard to starboard that Biff just couldn’t keep up. And now he’s back on board. That pretty much eats up the entire neo-Nazi — oh sorry, “alt-right” — following that Biff was going for.

So, between the battered but still sputtering Bitefart and the loss of his main slice of red meat, Biff’s dumpster fire is now rapidly dwindling to soot and cinders. One almost feels sorry for him, but remember, kiddies…this is a guy who likes to fake-cry. Don’t put it past him to bawl for more bucks. He probably won’t invest them into his channel, though. He’ll just go crying all the way to the bank, like all the pay-yourself-first CEOs do.

And as Cenk says…it’s all proof that no, conservatives don’t know how to run a business any better than progressives. Because when’s the last time you saw a hard-hitting progressive news outlet go kaputt like The Blaze?

Or, for that matter, a little ol’ pay-it-no-mind-and-no-bucks socialist blog like this one?

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