Down goes Manafort!

Ladies and gentlemen, we got him:

Down goes Manafort! Down goes Manafort!

And it’s not just Paul Manafort who’s been indicted today; his associate Rick Gates is also indicted, and on the same twelve charges. And there’s a huge, complicated web here to unravel, with ties to the Russian mafia, among others:

We already know that Donnie is mobbed up, and by mafiosi from more than one country, at that. Some of them are cronies of his, with memberships at Mar-a-Lago. Domestic mafiosi. Chinese oligarchs. So who’s to say he wouldn’t buddy up with the Russkies? Remember, he was already doing business with them in 2013, when he parachuted the Miss Universe pageant into Russia. He has, in fact, been doing so since 1987…yes, that’s right, two years before the fall of the Berlin Wall. Back then, there was still a Cold War on, but Donnie was already angling for big rubles, because dollars alone weren’t enough for him. There is literally no depth he will not sink to in his quest for cash.

Meanwhile, here’s how FUX Snooze “covered” (cough cough) the story:

That’s right, they tried to make a literal nothingburger out of it — by fixating on the cheeseburger emoji non-story. And the Hillary Clinton non-story.

Don’t bother asking them for the special sauce, folks, it’s nothing but pure bullshit.

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